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Exams aren’t a thing in the world of culture!


As Marlowe would have wished it

Round up of all the May Balls

Overwhelmed by the endless list of May Balls on next week and need a simple list to organise your thoughts?

Top alternative things to do during May Week

Feeling lost without a May Ball to go to?

What’s On – Week Six!

Put down those flashcards and pencil some of these events into your revision timetable.

What’s On Week Five!

Slim pickings this week, but no excuses not to put down that revision and head out for some fun in the Culture sun

What’s On Week Four

We’re halfway through term! Chin up, and get cultured.

What’s on Week 3

Culture, culture, and a little bit of culture! Satisfy your cravings with the pick of what’s on this week in the bubble.

What’s On Week 2

It’s spring but raining, what’s on will alleviate, the boredom and stress

What’s On Week 7

Forget the hail, it’s raining culture this week, hallelujah!

What’s On Week 5

The great culture ship continues to weather the week five storm. Save yourself – climb aboard.

What’s On Week 4

We’re halfway through term, and the culture tree continues to bear delicious fruit. Sample it for yourself…

What’s On Week 3

Stave off the January blues with this week’s dazzling cultural happenings.

What’s On Week 1

Term is here and with it comes a whole host of events to welcome you back to Cambridge – here’s the Culture Team’s pick of the best.

What’s On: Week 8

It’s Week bloody 8 already! Have no fear, Culture will make sure you juice the last of this term’s cultural delights.

What’s On: Week 7

Looking for something to do? We’ve cobbled together a creative combination of curiosities coming up to the final weeks

What’s On: Week 5

A handpicked selection of this week’s finest cultural delicacies from the Culture Editor.

What’s On Michaelmas 2013

Get your diaries out! RIVKAH BROWN guides you through this term’s highlights.

What’s On May Week: Theatre Special

Need a bit of a break from May Week parties? Get yourself some culture. It’s all in our Theatre Special.

What’s On: Week 5

The Tab Culture team scour the town for events to break the exam term monotony.