What’s On – Week Six!

Put down those flashcards and pencil some of these events into your revision timetable.

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Moon, Arts Picturehouse, Monday 2nd June @ 8pm

If you think the Cambridge bubble is hard, you should try living on the far side of the moon for three years. That’s what Sam Rockwell’s astronaut has to deal with in this compelling sci-fi (directed by David Bowie’s son – no, really). It’s a film that makes you reassess humanity, given that all possible communication on the moon is with a computer who sounds like Kevin Spacey. Even better: before the film there is a talk by Dr Catherine Breslin from Cambridge University’s Machine Intelligence Laboratory about human-computer dialogue. If you’re a compsci, this may even help your semantics revision. 

Jimmy’s Hall, Arts Picturehouse, Tuesday 3rd June @ 8pm

Double whammy from the Picturehouse this week, but this is an opportunity that is too good to miss. The esteemed, renowned, and all round incredible Ken Loach (The Wind That Shakes The Barley) is coming to the Picturehouse itself to give a post-screening Q&A for his new film Jimmy’s Hall, an Irish period drama about music, education, religion, love and laughter. It was rumoured to be his last ever film, which now may no longer be the case, but it’ll definitely be worth going to see.



‘New Eyes’  Clean Bandit album release

These Cantabs are so successful, it’s actually surprising that their album is any good at all. Aside from a couple of random tracks featuring slightly incongruous cover artists, or awkward lyrics about chinos, this is a surprisingly good listen. By far and away the best track is the first, Mozart’s House, but overall it’s upbeat and playful, perfect for powering your way through revision and dancing on into May Week. You can stream the album here, courtesy of The Guardian – but I don’t know how long that link is going to last. Otherwise head to Spotify, or Amazon, or elsewhere…



Performance Philosophy, CRASSH Seminar Room SG1, Alison Richard Building, Monday 2nd June @ 5-8pm

What is performance philosophy, you might ask? To tell you the truth, I’m not really sure. But that shouldn’t stop you from venturing inside the Alison Richard building to find out! Dr Laura Cull from the University of Surrey will talk about her ideas on ‘performance as philosophy’ and then Eirini Kartsaki, a writer and performer based at Anglia Ruskin, will ‘share’ the ‘disguised performance lecture’ No Pillow Talk. Still bemused? Interest piqued? Nothing else to do now that exams have finished? Go and find out what on earth they’re talking about.



Mill Road Feast, Sunday 1st June @ 12-3pm

It’s a feast. On Mill Road. Twinned with a Beer Festival. It’s literally the most glorious thing you could do with your Sunday afternoon (I know, I went to the last one). Look out for the brownies, made by a baker who comes all the way from Ely to display his wares. There’s also a Spanish delicatessen run by a man who, without much pressing, will feed you tasters of cured ham and regale you for hours with tales of his family in Andalucia. What’s not to like?