Poems for a spring in isolation

Some literary cheer-ups for my poetry pandemic pals

What I learnt from my first year at Cambridge

N.B: It was west.

XELI-NDERELLA STORY: poem exchanged for Jesus May Ball ticket

After a week of poetic pleas for a ticket, the Tab can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that first year Xelia Mendes-Jones WILL be going to the Ball.

REVIEW: Peter Grimes

Mark Danciger enjoyed Peter Grimes, a beautifully designed piece of student writing.

Cambridge nightlife: a limerick

Oliver Yeates paints us a colourful picture of the night in poetic verse.

My week in haikus

Didn’t want to fork out that pound for a copy of Notes? It’s alright, we’ve got you covered.

Review: HATCH

JOSSIE EVANS escapes revision for an evening and finds it really rather pleasant.

Haiku of the week: Week 3

The nights get longer, term marches on and there is another haiku. Tanoshimu.

What’s On – Week Six!

Put down those flashcards and pencil some of these events into your revision timetable.

Rachel Tookey: Week 1

In RACHEL TOOKEY’s debut column, she offers us her finest musings on bridges, Sainsbury’s and the UL.

Tab Blind Date: Jess and Pran

Round Two for Tab Blind Date…but did sparks fly or did Pran cry?


HANNAH MIRSKY is impressed by an evening that tries to take the pretension out of poetry.

Interview: George the Poet

Talented wordsmith and Cambridge finalist George the Poet sits down to talk to Rebecca Diamond about his poetry, his politics and life at Cambridge.

The Issues With Issues

HARRY PRANCE urges Cambridge’s ‘tortured intellectuals’ to stop quoting Larkin and come back down to earth.

Best Comments: Weeks 1-2

A selection of your best offerings. We feel you’ve more more to give…


JAMES MACNAMARA is a red-blooded critic and he likes his poetry raw.

Cocker In Cambridge

Jarvis Cocker could have said anything and still been amazing. COSMO GODFREE reacts to the indie heartthrob’s visit to Cambridge.

Anna Isaac

Mattresses everywhere this week for ANNA ISAAC.

Zombie Haiku

LEO PARKER-REES / Writes review in haiku form / Just because he can.

Anna Isaac

ANNA ISAAC needs some lovin’. Find out why, and also where the clitoris is.