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Review: Shakers: Restirred

Wit, charm and warmth in deepest Yorkshire.

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Review: Two Man Show

Incendiary, joyous feminist thinking.

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Coming up in Cam Theatre this term

Featuring EXCLUSIVE info from the directors themselves…

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How to crack the scene

The 100% CERTIFIED secrets to success that everyone has kept hidden from you

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How to spot a thesp

In case you’d ever miss one…

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A freshers’ guide to Cambridge theatre

*disclaimer* does not include Pinter’s blessing

BREAKING: Footlights President resigns over BME concerns

Criticism over BME under-representation in Footlights shows led to her decision

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REVIEW: The Producers

Obscene, offensive, and downright hilarious

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Confessions of the WannaBNOC

The innermost thoughts of the big fish in your pond

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever been personally victimised by rejection

A cocktail of self-deprecation and anger? You’re not alone

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REVIEW: A Very Brexit Musical

Can Brexit stand between the lovers?

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REVIEW: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

A rough-edged but arresting take on Brecht’s satire

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REVIEW: Mojave

An experiment that pays off

Review: Love’s Labour’s Lost

A true labour of love that will win your heart

REVIEW: The Man Presents – More Women

Sticking it to the Man: razor-sharp feminist comedy

REVIEW: Frost/Nixon

Despite a technically glitchy start and a few dodgy accents, Frost/Nixon is a decent production of a compelling script.

ADC theatre to close for six months

The home of Cambridge theatre will undergo extensive renovation

REVIEW: Pearly Gates

It’s time to be judged…

REVIEW: The Language Archive

Why don’t you understand me?

REVIEW: Much Ado About Nothing

A fresh take on Shakespeare that definitely paid off