Daniella Cugini

Calling time on people who think asking ‘can I kiss you’ will ‘kill the vibe’

This is beyond problematic

Things I wish I’d known coming into Cambridge

Life advice from an awkward finalist

I support the strikes – but students deserve more compassion

An open letter to Cambridge: Please act, and act quickly

REVIEW: Netflix and Will

A promising first solo show

What were you doing at 3:38?

Capturing a minute in student life.

The Journey to Jeremy: How to get on University Challenge

or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Wikipedia Binge.

What it’s like going home from Cambridge for the holidays

Existential crisis ft. tinsel

Sexual assault and standing up: Experiencing ‘Public House’

A reviewer talks about what it means to ‘watch’

REVIEW: The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui

A rough-edged but arresting take on Brecht’s satire

Best Bums Week: let’s talk body positivity

Beauty beyond booty

The Cambridge trigger warnings coverage is a masterpiece of misreporting

They’ve completely misunderstood what trigger warnings do


An utter must-see, though you won’t be comfortable

REVIEW: Can’t Stand Up for Falling Down

Intimate and at times harrowing, this complex play is carried off with warmth and grace

False alarm: why student debt is nothing to stress over

Mo’ money? No problem

What do Cambridge students (really) do in a day?

9am: cure cancer. 11am: brunch…

‘Fish Friday’: getting the best takeout in Cambridge

Don’t be dippy – upgrade your chippy

How to eat your way to exam success

Fight tiredness and stress with these foodie tips

REVIEW: Nine Parts of Desire

A shattering, stunning portrait of Iraq and its people

‘(Not)-Chicken Wednesday’: I went vegan for a week

This article is free from: meat, eggs, dairy, wit, substance

‘Steak Tuesday’: fine dining in Cambridge, without the price tag

Pass the aioli, darling

‘Mexican Monday’: around-the-world food in Cambridge

Best sushi in Cambridge? Hidden gems? Dani Cugini’s got you covered

Cambridge has a big-time food problem

And it’s hitting vulnerable students hardest

REVIEW: The Playboy of the Western World

An uneven but jovial production at Pembroke New Cellars

REVIEW: Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

An ingenious take on dystopia, spun around a troubled love story

REVIEW: Ken Cheng – Best Dad Ever

Cheng’s comedy draws humour from the most unexpected places

LGBT+ identity is not a fashion statement

But equally, my hair is none of your fucking business

REVEALED: Cambridge’s cheapest pint

A Tab investigation into the college bars of the bubble

How dateable is your college?

Plenty of fish in the… pool colleges

How to bullshit your way through a job interview

All of your failures are just character-building

I do not have my shit together

This may be Cambridge but I don’t think anyone else does either.

Custard Apples and Spherical Gluten: Exploring Mill Road

PART 1 of The Tab’s Alt-Guide to Cambridge (for those who are too eDgY for Stickybeaks)

REVIEW: Have I Got to Mock the Buzzcocks Ja Vu: A Panel Show Sequel

Dear the Buzzcocks team: us wretched perpetrators of scum and villainy are big fans.

Broke? How to rock the Spam-orous lifestyle

Putting the ‘lit’ into ‘frugality’

Every lecturer you’ll have at Cambridge

If you do English, you might want to Google what a ‘lecture’ is first

The Tab’s Alternative Guide to May Week

Cambridge entertainment that won’t break the bank

REVIEW: Footlights International Tour Show – Lagoon

Promising work-in-progress, not top-bill blowout, says Dani Cugini.

REVIEW: Lady Windermere’s Fan

Dani Cugini is a reluctant Fan of this spirited but messy Wilde rendition.

EXCLUSIVE: Footlights Tour Show – Preview

We caught up with the cast and crew before Tuesday’s debut

REVIEW: Mnemonic

Profound, polished and explosive: this wonderful play is in capable hands.

REVIEW: The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland

Design and performance errors mar a captivating premise

INTERVIEW: Footlights Harry Porter Prize winner, Rachel Tookey

“I like sketches better than standup; you have to work harder”

REVIEW: The Winter’s Tale

Shakespeare returns to the ADC in fine style.


A gorgeous, troubling play that sticks in the throat.

Tinder in Cambridge: Meh, Actually

Tinder may be somewhat soulless, but at least it’s not OKCupid

Skullduggery Unpleasant: King’s College library seeks return of missing skull

Only in Cambridge would there be TWO skulls missing at the same time

REVIEW: West Side Story

This fairytale of New York is as magical as ever.

REVIEW: Pembroke Black Tie Smoker

Dani Cugini has never regretted hating wine more.

Gender quotas would devalue Cambridge theatre

Fabricated diversity isn’t diversity.

REVIEW: Footlights Spring Revue: Chocolate Moose

I was going to joke about how this show was highly a-moose-ing, but I wanted to retain some journalistic integrity

REVIEW: Have I Got to Mock the Buzzcocks For You?

An all-star showcase of comedy, buzzers and the occasional parrot

REVIEW: Ten Plagues

Dani Cugini is confused and mesmerised by one of Cambridge’s most experimental shows to date.

REVIEW: The White Devil

There will be blood, Daniella Cugini warns – rather a lot of it, actually

REVIEW: More Revelations

An imperfect but entertaining show that provides endless surprises, says Dani Cugini.

REVIEW: Spring Awakening

A proficient, if not dazzling, performance of a modern classic, says DANI CUGINI

REVIEW: Twelfth Night, or What You Will

Dani Cugini is enchanted by this lively, quirky production of Shakespeare’s most festive comedy

REVIEW: 5 Lesbians Eating a Quiche

5 lesbians. 1 quiche. What could go wrong? Almost everything, Dani Cugini discovers, in this hilarious play.

REVIEW: 4.48 Psychosis

Dani Cugini is still recovering from this brilliant production

REVIEW: As You Like It

Dani Cugini decides that this warmly witty production is truly As She Likes It. (Get it? Get it? I’ll let myself out.)

REVIEW: The Master and Margarita

Anna Peel and Dani Cugini are mesmerised by this dark, fantastical adaptation of Bulgakov’s novel.