Gabrielle McGuinness

Gabrielle McGuinness
Cambridge University


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Why do girls love calling each other sluts?

The week 8 ADC late show Girls Like That follows a group of girls and explores the toxic, social-media dominated world we grow up in.

BREAKING NEWS: Cambridge is blown away

As the treacherous storm Barney wrecks havoc across the country, we don’t know WEATHER our university will survive

Cambridge students seeking sugar daddies

Are you a pretty young thing and strapped for cash? Now you can grab yourself an older lover.

Vox pop: How would you spend a £2 billion endowment?

We could give everyone in the whole world a Freddos and still have 1 billion spare. But Cambridge have bigger plans…

Fun ways to spice up your dreary Cambridge life

Week five is about to hit us like the plague and you’ve been hit with the reality that Cambridge is not the crazy uni dream you had hoped.

A very UL horror story

Forget halloween, you’re about to hear a very scary Cambridge tale based entirely on real life events.

In defence of being pooled

It doesn’t matter who fished you out, the main thing is you weren’t left to drown

Which ARCSOC event are you?

Have you ever wanted to know what // edgy event >> you’d be if your spirit was encapsulated in a // club night at Fez?

How to escape friends you accidentally made during Freshers

It must have been love, but it’s over now…and they need to go.

Let’s face it, Freshers’ week is overrated.

In all honesty, most of us finish the week with the flu rather than with friends.

Round up of all the May Balls

Overwhelmed by the endless list of May Balls on next week and need a simple list to organise your thoughts?

Top alternative things to do during May Week

Feeling lost without a May Ball to go to?

Please can everyone get over Snapchat

I’m not sliding to view any longer.

Let’s talk about sex, babe

People have sex, get over it.

University is messing me up

It may make me, but it’s also bloody breaking me

Where to find the best coffee in Cambridge

You’re going to need it

Where do you see yourself in five years?

Noah and the Whale lied. There’s be no walking round zoos, only debt, debt, debt.

How to deal with being a twat

Because, face it, we all are.

Sex(ism) on the Beach

Closet misogynists, look away now.

Why I hate Cambridge

Or, why I love Cambridge but Cambridge hates me.

10 ways to cope with Cambridge withdrawal symptoms

You gotta love the bridge