What’s on Week 3

Culture, culture, and a little bit of culture! Satisfy your cravings with the pick of what’s on this week in the bubble.

Cambridge Film Music Theatre what's on


Her Naked Skin, Tuesday 13th – Saturday 17th May @ ADC, 7.45pm

A play about suffragettes, written by a woman, which touches on prisons, politics and the patriarchy. A lesbian love affair is at the heart of this drama, which promises to be an interesting watch.


Bad Advice, Tuesday 13th – Saturday 17th May @ Corpus Playroom, 9.30pm

If Tory Boyz left you longing for more, then maybe give this comic look inside the mind of a recently un-closeted gay man entering his first relationship a go. Four different characters play the protagonist. It should be entertaining.


The Rifles, Friday 9th May @ The Junction, Doors 7 pm, £16

This London-based indie rock band are back and touring after the release of their fourth, and highest rated, studio album None the Wiser. Be sure to head down to The Junction this Friday to join with their cult following who truly understand why The Rifles are such an important part of the English indie scene of the last decade.

Last Fun Cindies, Wednesday 14th May 

Head to Cindies this Wednesday for what is probably the last fun Wednesday night Cindies before the overwhelming crush and vice of exam term saps all vitality from you and leaves you a withering corpse that only manages to drag its putrid self to the library when fuelled with an unrecommended mix of coffee and modafinil.


The Wind Rises, Arts Picturehouse, from Friday 9th May

Hayao Miyazaki, the legendary filmmaker and animator behind Studio Ghibli, has announced that The Wind Rises will be the final film of his career. And what a career it has been – his Wikipedia page is longer than most dissertations. For die-hard fans, the Picturehouse are also celebrating his rich and illustrious back catalogue with screenings of six classic Studio Ghibli films, consecutive Wednesdays from this week.

The Lego Movie, St John’s Picturehouse, Sun 11 May @ 7 & 10pm, £3.50

Fair enough, this might be the first U-rated film you’ve seen outside the confines of your bedroom since Toy Story, and yes it’s the most obvious bit of product placement in cinema history. But who cares? It’s brilliant fun, and has one of the best casts this year – Charlie Day, Will Ferrell, Alison Brie, Will Arnett, Jonah Hill. God AKA Morgan Freeman is in it too… so you know it’s good.

God is in the Lego Movie, no seriously

God is in the Lego Movie, no seriously


Hunt and Darton Pop-Up Cafe, 36 Bridge Street, until 31st May

Billed as ‘where food meets art’, this travelling installation cafe has come to Cambridge for a month. It’s a regular on the Edinburgh Fringe circuit, and the owners wear pineapple hats. If this is all sounding slightly mad, have a look at their website huntanddartoncafe.com or better yet, pop in for a cuppa. I’ve heard that they even offer a tap dance with tap water.


A pop-up cafe you’d be mad to miss