Rivkah Brown


RIVKAH BROWN reviews the controversial new Beyoncé album, and doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

Blue Is The Warmest Colour

Culture Editor RIVKAH BROWN thinks this film shines not for its portrayal of homosexuality, but frustrated, desperate, human sexuality.

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Dido Queen of Carthage

Culture Editor RIVKAH BROWN feels that the Marlowe Society’s latest offering falls a little short of expectations.

5 of the Best Films about Space

With the release of Cuarón’s Gravity finally upon us, RIVKAH BROWN selects some intergalactic highlights of the big screen.

What’s On: Week 4

Working on the assumption that everyone is sufficiently sick of work by Week 4, here are some better ways to procrastinate than a YouTube binge.

What’s On: Week 3

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Formal Hall: Emma

RIVKAH BROWN gives the ‘infamously variable’ Formal Hall at Emma 2.5 stars

What’s On Michaelmas 2013

Get your diaries out! RIVKAH BROWN guides you through this term’s highlights.