Review: Octopolis

Love, grief, academia and an octopus

The Cambridge Tab poetry competition: Liberation

Calling all student poets to submit to The Tab’s newest poetic endeavour

The ultimate post-exams watchlist

Time for the post-exams TV binge

Culture Trip Week 8: Summer

Freedom from the endless academia lies in sharks, teen drama, and Stevie Wonder

Which A24 film are you based on your subject?

Warning: potential spoilers ahead

A playlist for your week six blues

Mitski, Radiohead, Alex G, Mazzy Star, Leonard Cohen… great music, or a cry for help?

The ultimate guide to Cambridge museums

Yes, I review the cafes and gift shops as much as I do the educational value.

Week 6 Poem of the Week: ‘On the day she leaves’ by Andrea Komova

Our week 6 poet, Andrea, talks to us about her use of poetry to connect with others and portray struggles with mental health

Heard something you think
we should know?

We want to look into your case


Poets of the Week: Cambridge’s 5 most famous poet alumni

How many of them did you know?

Iona Luke: Existentialism, Patti Smith and Performing at Mash

Music for the introverts of Cambridge

Episode 1 of new Cambridge podcast He Said, She Said is out!

A new sex, love, and relationships podcast brought to you by two mostly clueless (but quite chatty) Cambridge fourth years

Poem of the Week: ‘On Leaving Cambridge’ by Xu Zhimo

A poem which explores the connections between China and Cambridge by a poet whose life was famously immersed in mystique

Week 1 Poem of the Week: ‘Incubus’, ‘Dartboard’ and ‘Dichotomy’ by Alessandra Rey

Our first poet of the term, Alessandra, discusses female sexuality and the issues faced by women in today’s world

A Guide to Cambridge Nightlife: Alternate Nights

The final part of nightlife options around Cambridge when clubbing and pubbing isn’t enough

A Guide to Cambridge Nightlife: Pubs and Bars

Finally something Cambridge can brag about, the volume of pubs available

St. Catherine’s unveils pioneering replica of celebrated Artemisia Gentileschi portrait

The Self Portrait as Saint Catherine of Alexandria now takes pride of place at St Catharine’s College Chapel.