The ultimate post-exams watchlist

Time for the post-exams TV binge

Now that exams are complete, it is time to (unashamedly) binge-watch shows, both by yourself and with friends. To help escape from the endless doom-scrolling and eventual arguments over what is best to watch, here are the best shows you missed in the exams hole, and some classics for when you’re in that mood.

Queen Charlotte: A Bridgerton Story

This is essential viewing for all Bridgerton fans. While ‘Grey’s Anatomy’ has definitely sunk off the radar, Shonda Rhimes has created another classic show, this time following Queen Charlotte’s past, and her blossoming relationship with King George. Romantic and heart-breaking, this will definitely get the tears flowing. While this would really suit an individual binge, getting settled in with Regency-era outfits, classical adaptations of modern songs, and perusing the halls of any era-suited college or setting up an elaborate picnic with friends is certainly a vibe.

Ted Lasso

Image credits: Daisy O’Connor screenshot from YouTube (Ted Lasso – Season 3 Official Trailer | Apple TV+)

A very sweet show to relax with after the stress of exams, this show follows an American football coach, who is hired to run a football team in London, knowing nothing about the game.  He unifies the team with optimism, and brings out the best versions of people, while exploring his own issues. It is life-affirming and fulfilling, the perfect antidote to the stress of exams.

Cunk on Earth

This show set TikTok on fire a few months ago, with some of Cunk’s most outlandish questions or statements going viral. While this might suggest that you’ve seen all the funniest moments, this show has constant laughs. It is a mockumentary, following Philomena Cunk as she interviews key academics and experts in the history of humankind. Diane Morgan’s Cunk is genuinely hilarious, and perfectly offsets the Cambridge bubble. Laugh-out-loud funny either alone or with friends, this would be a fun one to watch in groups, as the series is short, and is perfect for a boozy night-in. You might even be able to play a game of ‘spot your lecturer!’


Firstly, do not spoil the ending for me! While I have not finished this show (thanks exams), it lit Twitter ablaze with its ruthlessness that rivals that of CamFess arguments and is a must-watch before someone inevitably spills the beans.

The Marvelous Mrs Maisel

Image credits: Daisy O’Connor screenshot from YouTube (The Marvelous Mrs Maisel | Season 2 Recap | Prime Video)

Another show which released its final season during exams (how inconvenient), this is a crucial one to catch up on. For those who don’t know, this show is about a 1950s housewife, Midge Maisel, who becomes a stand-up comedian after some…unfortunate displays on stage. Hilarious and witty, this is a key one to catch up on, either alone or with friends.


Centring around the drama that escalated from a petty road rage incident, this is an easy show to binge. The ongoing feud between Danny and Amy will be the perfect way to vent your frustrations with all the “I’m sorry other people were unhappy with their grades, but I got a first” CamFesses, and otherwise provides an entertaining black comedy drama.


Image credits: Daisy O’Connor screenshot from YouTube (YOU: Season 4 Part 1 | Official Trailer | Netflix)

While this came out earlier this year, if you have really been in the trenches with exams and coursework, now is the time to catch up with this riveting drama. While Penn Badgley’s Joe assumes a new identity after yet again escaping the consequences of his actions, in the latest season he moves to London (and apparently enjoys a 10-hour walk as his commute, well done Netflix researchers). This season takes a new direction, so catching up is vital, and if you have not seen any of the show, where have you been?!

Parks and Recreation

A classic, what more can I say? For anyone in need of ‘The Office’-style shows, this is the one. A comedy show surrounding the Parks and Recreation department of a city council in a small city in the US, it has all sorts of characters, all of whom are likeable and sweet. It is easy to binge, light-hearted, and has a tonne of seasons to keep you going!

Feature Image Credits: Daisy O’Connor

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