I went to every Rumboogie for a year as a fresher and this is what I learnt

You can’t blame me, it is technically the seventh-best night out in the UK

Picture this, it’s Freshers’ Week, I’m first introduced to a Wednesday Revs and all is going well. I get a taste for it and I make a pact to my friends that I’d do eight out of eight Rumboogies in Michaelmas. I saw them through, people then challenged me to doing a streak of Wednesdays for the whole year. And here we are.

The motivation of my challenge isn’t clear: did I do it just to write this Tab article or because I was actually enjoying myself? I am not so sure. Whilst I’ve had my fair share of humbling Thursday mornings, I made some great friends along the way, plus I got an article out of it.

A lot of my friends were strong contenders and only missed a couple, so shout out to them for joining me along the way. Massive thanks to the Corpus rep Rory for practically running a subscription service for me when a text every Tuesday asking for tickets was no longer needed.

Here’s what I learnt from this revolution-ary place:

The famous q (Image credits: Eve Maylor)

The regulars = the best

There are definitely other people who have conquered such a streak. I know, because I saw them every week too.

It became a part-time job, at this point I was just going for a quick catch up with my friends from other colleges.

Sunday Lola’s or Wednesday Revs is the question (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @Camfess)

The Cambridge clubbing scene is niche

Never have I ever seen so many people I know in one space. Whilst you could be at Fabric or Rock City and have a great night, realistically how would you keep a whole friendship group together or bump into that many mutuals in a big club like that?

I’m not sure what quite happens in Revs, it seems to transcend space and time. Also the fact that Revs is our local club? It’s a sit down bar, no? I think that says a lot about Cambridge.

The queue is quite something else, perhaps the length of the Jack’s one, but with a bit worse chat. And now The Tab has started documenting the line on our TikTok, there’s no forgetting what you said the day after.


We asked Cambridge students on a night out: Which Cambridge college is the biggest ick? #cambridge #students #cambridgeicks #cambridgenightlife

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I prefer a 2.30am finish now

Year 13 me loved a 3am maybe even 4am finish. I was young.

I’ve come to Cambridge, my hope has been destroyed and my vitality tarnished. So much so that I am a convert to the early finish.

I’ve done my time here by 2.30am, I have things to do in the morning and the extra half an hour sets me back irreversibly.

Same old playlist

Cheesy or not, everyone loves the classics: Dancing Queen, Love Story, the Grease soundtrack. You’d think being able to probably replicate the playlist means I have a problem; I think it’s actually my hidden talent.

You cannot, however, beat the second floor.

I know, this is the rival smoking area… (Image credit: Patrick Dolan)

Ticketbridge is an event in itself

Pres usually consist of checking Ticketbridge to see the desperation of Cambridge students trying to get tickets, followed by the joy when we see them get tickets.

Cambridge nightlife is dead? No, we have to sell our souls to make an appearance.

James from Surrey will always be there (Image credit: author’s own screenshot via @Camfess)

Hot take: you won’t fail if you go out once, or twice, a week

Despite my weekly tradition, I’d like to think that I’m still doing okay, mentally and physically. I’ve had all sorts said to me: “You’re going out again?”, “How’s the degree?”, “Do you even do any work?.”

I’ve said it once and said it many times. Let’s imagine I’m a fresher at any other uni. If I went out once a week, imagine the scenes: “Can’t you just come out for once?”, “You’re so boring!”

Now I know what you’re thinking, it is Cambridge lifestyle so it is different. But I’ve stood by two things: 1) Late pres to maximise working hard playing hard 2) Firming it in the morning hungover; I’ve got things to do and last night’s actions will never affect the next day.

In my retirement era now

Traumatised? Potentially. My Rumboogie career is soon to be over, but I hope to pass the baton to my college children who will be seeing it through for me whilst I find something else in second year to keep me entertaining. Maybe I’ll take up knitting.

I say this and you’ll probably still see me out next year, let’s be honest.

In conclusion, Revs might not be London clubbing, but when was it ever trying to replicate that? Nothing beats the simple and easily enjoyable night that is a Wednesday in this town.


We asked Cambridge students: How would you describe Wednesday revs in one word #nightout #cambridge #university #rumboogie

♬ original sound – Cambridge Tab TV

I’d argue I should be eligible for some sort of discount by now. Pls sponsor me Cambridge Revs!

Feature Image Credit: Patrick Dolan

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