THE REVEAL: Cambridge’s best night out

A battle of the titans

Cambridge gets a lot of flack for its supposedly lacklustre nightlife, probably because “Cambridge student” and “nightlife” is not a combination of words that exists in the average person’s mind.  However, a recent study shows that Cambridge has somehow been ranked the seventh best night out in the UK in 2023.

It got us wondering… what is the best night out in Cambridge? And so we took to Instagram to ask all of you.

Unlike Get Licensed’s inclusions of bars and pubs, I used my own discretion to choose what I would consider to be the eight most popular “night out” destinations in Cambridge. This includes the four main clubs in Cambridge (Revs, Mash, Vinyl, Lolas) as well as independent venues which often hold live music and/or house/techno nights (Junction, 2648, La Raza, The Blue Moon).

And voila! Here is our initial bracket:

Image credits: Kirsty Falconer

In our first match-ups we have Junction vs Vinyl, Mash vs Blue Moon, 2648 vs Lolas, and Revs vs La Raza.

Let’s take a look at the results:

Image credits: author’s own screenshot

The independent venues are almost all beaten by the clubs, with the exception of Junction triumphing over Vinyl. I, for one, think that the independent venues are critically underrated and can provide some of the best nights out in Cam. But onwards we go!

This is what our bracket is looking like now:

Image credits: Kirsty Falconer

Will Junction triumph once again? Will Revs beat Lolas to the victory? Let’s have a look:

Image credits: author’s own screenshot

Mash narrowly beats Junction there, with Revs winning over Lolas with a comfortable lead. Ouch, that one was personal – Junction is my favourite night out. If you haven’t been, go! It is one of the only nights out to break the curse of the dreaded Cambridge Saturday.

Without further ado, here is our final match-up:

Image credits: Kirsty Falconer

Before we reveal the best night out, here is what some people had to say about our two top contenders:


  • “[the] staff ensure we all get home safe and have a good night out”
  • “[it’s] awesome!”
  • “cheap, good music, space to actually DANCE”


  • “can shove your coats in the plants so don’t have to pay for cloakroom”
  • “a classic”
  • “best smoking area in town”

Drum roll, please. The public has spoken. The best night out in Cambridge is…

Image credits: author’s own screenshot


Oh Wednesdays, how vital you are to the student population.

The winner in all her glory (Image credits: Patrick Dolan)

Do you agree? Was your favourite night-out snubbed?

Feature Image Credits: Kirsty Falconer 

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