Michelle Crees

A Day in ADC Mainshow Rehearsal: Chess

The Tab spent a day with the cast and crew for upcoming musical ‘Chess’

The Vamps: Songwriting, Spiders and Shots

The Tab sat down with Brad and James from the Vamps to talk about everything from their upcoming tour to their worst fears.

Under Pressure: Balancing Work and High Performance Sport

A sit down with the Cambridge University Women’s Boat Club President Bronya Sykes

A Guide to Cambridge Nightlife: Alternate Nights

The final part of nightlife options around Cambridge when clubbing and pubbing isn’t enough

A Guide to Cambridge Nightlife: Pubs and Bars

Finally something Cambridge can brag about, the volume of pubs available

Culture Trip Week Four: Summer Will Come

The last recommendations before exams!

Culture Trip Week Three: Procrastination

Recommendations to justify my procrastination

Culture Trip Week Two: Throwback

A few throwback-themed, time-before-exams, good vibe recommendations.

Culture Trip Week One: Escape Exams

Our recommendations to help you escape from reality and deny the upcoming summer exams

Culture Trip Week Eight: It’s Nearly Over

Recommendations to get you through those last few days and set you up for Easter break.

Culture Trip Week Seven: It’s International Women’s Day

It’s that one day of the year we can celebrate women

Culture Trip Week Six: Help me re-focus, please

Its time to refocus by using these recommendations to procrastinate

Culture Trip Week Five: Keep the blues away

All the recommendations to both ground you and increase your dissociation from reality.

Culture Trip Week 4: Love is in the Air (daa da da daa da da)

The recommendations are in to accompany every plan for Valentine’s week

Culture Trip Week Three: Our Recommendations Return

Here’s everything you’ll need to pair with your February celebrations