A Guide to Cambridge Nightlife: Pubs and Bars

Finally something Cambridge can brag about, the volume of pubs available

For the second part of Cambridge Nightlife, it’s time to explore the vast number of pubs and bars available across town. Spanning from the boathouses, through town to Mill Road, many students have aimed to check every one off the list and failed. They’re a great society social night out and an opportunity to challenge friends to pub golf. Here are a few personal top picks:

The Pub Crawl Map to beat all Pub Crawls (image credits: Ali Khan)

In Town:

The Bath House

Right in the centre of town off Kings Parade, the Bath House is usually much easier to get a spot with a great open seating area. Also known as one of the few locations to offer sweet potato fries and live music.

No judgement from staff as we paint mid mental breakdown (image credits: Michelle Crees)

The Eagle 

Conveniently located next door to Jacks Gelato, the Eagle is best known for being the location where scientists Watson and Crick announced their discovery of DNA. Having been around since the 14th century, it is also home to the famous ceiling graffiti of WW2 airmen below which you can sit and drink. 

Ta Bouche

A Mediterranean bar perfectly situated next to MASH on the side street off Market Square. With outdoor seating, this is the place to go for cocktails. Especially worth it when a returning alumnus creates an open tab for all the Long Island Iced Teas you could wish for. 

The Cambridge Brew House 

Cambridge Brew House is well known for holding many events – mostly sports-based but also notably the TEDx Cambridge University Salon. 

College Bars

Not to be underestimated, college bars are a great way to meet more fellow students. Whether that be in your own college after formals or visiting others after making that one new friend at a social. However, the danger comes from comparing them. You suddenly realise some have table football and snooker and you don’t and then it gets personal. But besides that, they are great, chill social spaces with the cheapest and weirdest drinks combinations.

Caius Blue VK and Port anyone? (image credits: Michelle Crees)

Near Queens’:


Along from Queens’ Backs near Darwin College, the Granta is a great location right on Mill Pond. Pub quizzes are held weekly on Monday nights that treats regular teams to a personalised video when they achieve the fastest answer.

The Mill

Overlooking the punts, the Mill is perfect for takeout drinks to go sit on the green. 

Near Parker’s Piece:

The Prince Regent

For anyone near Parker’s Piece, Prince Regent has a large outside area with heaters and shelter for all weather (and a kilo of chicken wings on the menu). It’s a great atmosphere and easy for large groups to all sit together. 

Taking over the back of Prince Regent (image credits: Michelle Crees)


This goes without saying, no need to explain.

The Cambridge Tap

Recently opened, the weekly Monday quiz nights are another favourite on the spacious top floor of this pub. With prizes for both winning and second-to-last, play it right and you could walk away with a free bottle of wine for sucking at quizzes. 

Near the Cam:

Fort St George

An amazing location near the boathouses for a post-row social, right on the river bank. With great food too, the spacious outdoor seating under the tree lights is perfect. 

The Maypole

Just off Jesus Green, the Maypole is easy to book out for events, socials, and large parties. The best spot to book in for C-Sunday recovery food, when you want to string yourself to the bitter end, and make it to that night’s Lolas. 

Hopefully, this gives some idea of the extensive list of options available when stumbling around town. Each place has its own unique atmosphere and everyone has their favourites. So, let this be a starting point to you finding yours and maybe, to being the first student to visit them all. 

Feature image credits: Michelle Crees

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