QUIZ: Which Cambridge college should you have applied to?

Hate to break it to you, but no your college isn’t the best one

We’ve all been there – you’ve stood outside the medieval gates of some colonnaded college in town and thought, “ah, why didn’t I see that one on the Student Room?” Although everyone somehow manages to gaslight themselves eventually that their college is the best one, it’s sometimes difficult for us not to fantasise what life would have been like if we’d picked a college that had ovens, or a nearby supermarket, or a half-functioning JCR, or fulfilled the literal bare minimum of flying a Pride flag.

This quiz will give you a definitive answer as to whether you made the right decision, or belong somewhere else!

Well, there you have your definitive answer as to which college you should have applied to. If it’s where you are now, then, congratulations! Destiny is on your side. If not, then you can either sit in your room feeling miserable, or become a postgrad somewhere else (and sit in your room feeling miserable for years to come).

Cover image by Claudia Cox

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