Week 3 Poem of the Week: ‘These are my Identities’ by Emily Nixon

We spoke to Emily about her excellent poem and how she finds poetry capable of conveying powerful statements

Week 2 Poem of the Week: ‘Expecting’ by Emily Freeman

Our second poet of the term, Emily, discusses the kitchen space, its destruction, and the role of motherhood in her poem ‘Expecting’

Week 1 Poem of the Week: ‘The Grave’ by Megan Latham

Our first poet of the term, Megan, discusses the lighter side to a dark concept and gives an insight into her creative process

The Tab sits down with the youngest ever winner of the National Poetry Prize

‘Poetry is sort of an escape, it is an escape away from the constraints that we place on ourselves during our daily life, a space where you can be honest with yourself’

“Poem of the Week” Easter Submissions OPEN NOW!

Submit your poems NOW for our Easter Term “Poem of the Week” Feature!

Week 8 Poem of the Week: “Ambiguous Loss” by Siong Chen Meng

We chat with our Week 8 poet via Zoom to find out more about this wonderful piece of writing

Week 7 Poem of the Week: “When the world fell apart, I folded clothes together” by Priya Bharadia 

Our talented Week 7 Poet chats to us about writing, lockdowns, and the state of the world

Week 6 Poem of the Week: “sending yearning to mars” by Claire Laurence

Our week 6 Poet of the Week, Claire, chats with us about modern life, humankind, and her favourite writers

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Week 5 Poem of the Week: “Orange” by Anna Willmoth

An unusual poem to keep you occupied in week 5 – we spoke to writer Anna to get some more insight

Week 4 Poem of the Week: “Damned” by Alessandra Rey

We speak to our Week 4 Poet of the Week, Alessandra, to gain an insight into her excellent poem “Damned”

Week 3 Poem of the Week: “How Fairydust Stains” by Catherine Yuefang Tang

We share our Week 3 Poem of the Week, and chat with its author – also the President of the Cambridge Poetry and Prose Society – over Zoom!

Week 2 Poem of the Week: “Persephone: The Girl Who Put The Fatal In Femme Fatale” by Sophie Overton

Sophie shares her exceptional poetic monologue and an insight into her writing process

Week 1 Poem of the Week: “Looking Up from a Book” by Alice Weatherley

Alongside her original poem, we spoke to Alice about her love for poetry and her main writing inspirations

Re-introducing “Poem of the Week”: Publish your poetry at The Tab!

An exciting new opportunity for student poets in Lent Term!

Poems for a spring in isolation

Some literary cheer-ups for my poetry pandemic pals

Poem of the week: ‘There is nothing so bare as an egg yolk’ by Bella Biddle

An eggsellent poem indeed