Sianna King

Review: The Phlebotomist

A thought-provoking dystopian romance which leaves the audience questioning both their moral values and the future of our society

Introducing Dispatches: We caught up with the founder of new Cambridge zine

Dispatches is a new Cambridge-based creative non-fiction zine

Preview: The Phlebotomist

I caught up with the co-directors of the Week 0 Corpus main show, The Phlebotomist, a fascinating Dystopian romance with deeper social undercurrents

Re-introducing “Poem of the Week”: Publish your poetry at The Tab!

An exciting new opportunity for student poets in Lent Term!

Review: Rapunzel

This colourful, queer retelling of Rapunzel at the ADC is a guaranteed great time

Review – Comic Sans: Return of the Serif

A laugh-out-loud hilarious improv show you wouldn’t want to miss in week 8

Review: Attempts on Her Life

An abstract exploration of identity and modern society at the Corpus Playroom

Review: Samuel Beckett Shorts at King’s College Chapel

A unique and unnerving performance from King’s College Drama Soc

Review: Chekhov Double Bill – The Proposal and The Bear

Witty, fast-paced plays which are as relevant now as in the 1800s.