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Sianna King
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HRH The Duke of Gloucester has officially opened Trinity Hall’s WongAvery Music Gallery

The gallery is set provide extra space for both students and visiting musicians to practise and perform, and was opened on June 24th

Cambridge defeat Oxford 5-0 at 2022’s Esports Varsity

This brings Cambridge into the lead in the history of Esports Varsity, with 5 all-time wins to Oxford’s 4

10 things you MUST do in Cambridge before you graduate

From the mouths of Cambridge students themselves… But which ones haven’t you done yet?

Review: How to Live, Laugh and Love (with Sophie Stemmons)

A hilarious stand-up show by Footlight Sophie Stemmons, which had the audience in stitches

‘Socialising = procrastinating’: 84% of students have felt lonely at Cambridge

Many attribute this to “cliquey” colleges and an “isolating” high workload, with 78% of students surveyed reporting that exam term makes loneliness worse

The Cambridge Period Project secures free menstrual products across Cambridge University

The student-run campaign has secured free menstrual product provision across Departments, Faculties and Colleges

Review: ‘The Son’ is a beautifully constructed but deeply challenging watch

Raising money for Mind, the team behind The Son have crafted a complex expression of mental illness and troubled family dynamics

“Poem of the Week” Easter Submissions OPEN NOW!

Submit your poems NOW for our Easter Term “Poem of the Week” Feature!

Preview: The Cambridge Impronauts bring Quickfire: Head2Head to the Cambridge Fringe Comedy Festival

I speak to Barney – the creator and host of the Impronauts’ latest show – to find out more

Applications open NOW to join The Cambridge Tab’s Easter 2022 Team!

Because how else are you meant to procrastinate your revision this term?

Review: Not Even the Dogs

A harrowing play, celebrating the life and legacy of the Jews in Nazi-occupied Warsaw

Week 8 Poem of the Week: “Ambiguous Loss” by Siong Chen Meng

We chat with our Week 8 poet via Zoom to find out more about this wonderful piece of writing

Week 7 Poem of the Week: “When the world fell apart, I folded clothes together” by Priya Bharadia 

Our talented Week 7 Poet chats to us about writing, lockdowns, and the state of the world

Review: Unsoiled

A countryside drama set in an eccentric fictional village, and a wonderful new piece of student writing

Week 6 Poem of the Week: “sending yearning to mars” by Claire Laurence

Our week 6 Poet of the Week, Claire, chats with us about modern life, humankind, and her favourite writers

Review: The Winter’s Tale

A hugely successful take on this Shakespeare play at the ADC

Week 5 Poem of the Week: “Orange” by Anna Willmoth

An unusual poem to keep you occupied in week 5 – we spoke to writer Anna to get some more insight

Review: LOUD

A highly original & eccentric 50-minute piece at the Corpus Playroom

Week 4 Poem of the Week: “Damned” by Alessandra Rey

We speak to our Week 4 Poet of the Week, Alessandra, to gain an insight into her excellent poem “Damned”

Review: Love All

A bitingly witty & feminist “anti-romantic comedy” that you simply mustn’t miss this week at the Corpus Playroom

Week 3 Poem of the Week: “How Fairydust Stains” by Catherine Yuefang Tang

We share our Week 3 Poem of the Week, and chat with its author – also the President of the Cambridge Poetry and Prose Society – over Zoom!

Review: Laughing All the Way to the Bank

Chakira Alin tackles money, class, and Cambridge stereotypes during this one-night-only sketch show

Week 2 Poem of the Week: “Persephone: The Girl Who Put The Fatal In Femme Fatale” by Sophie Overton

Sophie shares her exceptional poetic monologue and an insight into her writing process

Review: Eidolon

An artistic but unpolished performance at the ADC

Review: Circle Mirror Transformation

A quietly thought-provoking and occasionally profound interpretation of Annie Baker’s 2009 play

Week 1 Poem of the Week: “Looking Up from a Book” by Alice Weatherley

Alongside her original poem, we spoke to Alice about her love for poetry and her main writing inspirations

Review: The Phlebotomist

A thought-provoking dystopian romance which leaves the audience questioning both their moral values and the future of our society

Introducing Dispatches: We caught up with the founder of new Cambridge zine

Dispatches is a new Cambridge-based creative non-fiction zine

Preview: The Phlebotomist

I caught up with the co-directors of the Week 0 Corpus main show, The Phlebotomist, a fascinating Dystopian romance with deeper social undercurrents

Re-introducing “Poem of the Week”: Publish your poetry at The Tab!

An exciting new opportunity for student poets in Lent Term!

Review: Rapunzel

This colourful, queer retelling of Rapunzel at the ADC is a guaranteed great time

Review – Comic Sans: Return of the Serif

A laugh-out-loud hilarious improv show you wouldn’t want to miss in week 8

Review: Attempts on Her Life

An abstract exploration of identity and modern society at the Corpus Playroom

Review: Samuel Beckett Shorts at King’s College Chapel

A unique and unnerving performance from King’s College Drama Soc

Review: Chekhov Double Bill – The Proposal and The Bear

Witty, fast-paced plays which are as relevant now as in the 1800s.