Ripples & Reflections


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When Cambridge gets too much, one solution is to put on a ball gown and a pair of six-inch heels and go and immerse yourself in nature, or greenhouses, or both.

This shoot was not without obstacles: there were stares, there were precariously balanced positions on rocks in painful Louboutins, and there was (almost) public indecency. But thanks to brunch and lots of painkillers for one ill model/BNOC no.6, we persevered, and here it is. Without further ado…

Models: Katherine Dunbar, Shani Wijetilaka & Leyla Gumusdis

Dresses: Calvin Klein (pink), Asos (red), Maje (blue), and Phillip Lim (black and white).

Photographer: Meg Honigmann

Creative Direction & Styling: Meg Honigmann and Leyla Gumusdis