Ripples & Reflections


Jesse Jackson tells the Union “The playing field is not even”

73% of the chamber voted with Rev. Jesse Jackson that the American Dream is affected by race

How to convince everyone that you’ve found yourself this summer

For when a few heavily filtered instagrams and some harem pants just isn’t enough.

REVIEW: Jesus May Ball

As big balls go, Jesus lacks the panache of John’s or Trinity – it’s basically just quite big

Week Five Reds

MOLLIE WINTLE decides it’s time to banish Week Five Blues once and for all


Tab Fashion makeup guru Fortunate Frizell takes a look at a vivid new trend in eye makeup.

Colour Play

TOM RASMUSSEN injects some POP! into your outfit. Check out this week’s shoot for some key colour blocking tips.

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD’s year has got off to a great start.

Bridget Riley @ Kettle’s Yard

JESS-MIDDLETON PUGH isn’t impressed by the sickly-sweet candy colours on display at Bridget Riley’s new exhibition at Kettle’s Yard.

Trinity Hall June Event

DAVID HOLLAND ODs on OJ and struggles to hear Nero at Tit Hall’s June Event.