Holocaust denial flyers displayed around Sidgwick

The antisemitic flyers told people to get the ‘plain facts of the matter’.

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Flyers denying the Holocaust have been placed on cars around the Sidgwick site. 

A picture of one of the flyers, put on Twitter the other day, showed mentions of Holocaust deniers David Irving and Michael Hoffman, quoting Hoffman extensively.

The flyer appeared to reference a ‘Hollywood film released in UK cinemas’ about the Holocaust as a reason for sending out such flyers. Such film is likely to be ‘Denial’,  a film released in 2016 in the States but just released a week ago in the UK.

The film is based on  Deborah Lipstadt’s book History on Trial: My Day in Court with a Holocaust Denier, about her experience in court with the David Irving case.

Tweets in response mentioned that the flyers had also been found in areas beyond the Sidgwick site, near Parkside.

Another claimed that the same flyers had been found at other universities such as UCL, LSE and Glasgow University.