DRINKS SPIKED: 13% of Cambridge students claim to have been drugged on a night out

“It was a really stupid mistake but I suppose because I feel so safe in Cambridge I didn’t really expect to be roofied on a student night”

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Babe’s recent consent and sexual attitude survey recently revealed that 13% of Cambridge students say they have been spiked on a night out.

Whilst Cambridge scored relatively low compared to other universities (the average being 28%), the statistics are worrying none-the-less. Oxford score the lowest out of all the universities, at roughly 9%.

Perhaps most concerning of all were the 49 individuals in the survey who confessed to having spiked someones drink, with one individual claiming “she enjoyed it.”


Most drugs used for spiking take effect within 15-30 minutes

One Cantab told The Tab about her experience of being spiked whilst at Kuda with friends. After being given some bitter-tasting water by a stranger, she new “something was off.”

Fortunately, she found her friends, and told them what had happened before she began to feel the effects of the drug. She couldn’t remember anything after being taken outside to inform the bouncers.

The bouncers, however, were of little help: “I don’t really know what their reaction was as I was out of it by this point, but my friend explained to me what happened: that she was told to take me home, and that once I was off the property it was not their responsibility.”

“As I was lying on the floor unconscious, the bouncer told my friend to carry me home.”


Ketamine, rohypnol, and GHB are among the most commonly used “date-rape” drugs.

After being dragged home by her friends, an ambulance was called, and she was taken to hospital. After having a number of blood tests to confirm the drugging, she was kept under observation until she regained consciousness. For the next week or so she felt “woozy and exhausted.”

When asked if she had any advice for other students, she commented: “My advice would be don’t take drinks from strangers!”

The NHS has more information about drink-spiking.

Kuda Cambridge didn’t respond to The Tab’s request for comment.