University of Cambridge girls are the third most right-swiped students on Tinder

The boys aren’t doing too badly either

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University of Cambridge students are continuing to represent on a national scale, this time landing in the top ten of the most right-swiped students in the UK on Tinder.

In an age where being swiped right or left on a desensitised app of mass sexual hunting is a source of validation for many, Cambridge isn’t doing half bad.

The results, which have been divided by gender, prove to be one of the few rankings in which we didn’t quite secure the number one spot. But we’re ok not being on top for once, it’s good to try going under.

The girls snatched the bronze coming in at an impressive third place, but when it comes to Cambridge’s boys, the student left looks more disappointing (geddit? it’s a Tinder AND politics joke).

The Tab Cambridge’s second most eligible bachelor Rob Shearme offered his thoughts. “I’d like to say that it’s clear that us Cantabs are not only academically elite, but also sexually. Who wouldn’t want to swipe right on someone who has it all?”

Preoccupied with the social ladder Cambridge has to offer, enigma Liam Wheet-Grievplige told The Tab, “the only reason they don’t swipe right is because for us they’re all swiping up.”

Self-respecting Cambridge females declined to comment, probably because they’re so busy getting matches.

You can find the full results below.

The top right-swiped unis for men:

1) University of London
2) University of Oxford
3) University of Brighton
4) University of Leeds
5) University of Cardiff
6) University of Sheffield
7) University of Cambridge
8) University of Manchester
9) University of Bristol
10) University of Nottingham
11) University of Edinburgh
12) University of Birmingham
13) University of Liverpool

The top right-swiped unis for women:

1) University of London
2) University of Leeds
3) University of Cambridge
4) University of Cardiff
5) University of Bristol
6) University of Sheffield
7) University of Birmingham
8) University of Manchester
9) University of Oxford
10) University of Liverpool
11) University of Nottingham
12) University of Edinburgh
13) University of Brighton

So in the next step forward to settling the great Oxbridge debate, it seems you should go to Cambridge for the girls, and Oxford for the boys.