Oliver Yeates
Editor, The Tab Cambridge

CUSU Presidential Candidates: The good, the drab, and the buzzwords

Candidates aim for style over substance.

Student journalism isn’t terrible, you are

Stop thinking you’re exempt from the real world

Since when did being stressed become a competition?

Tell me more about how much coffee you drink

YEATES DEBATES: Why is stress such a competition in Cambridge?

Tell me more about how much coffee you drink.

YEATES DEBATES: Why can’t Cambridge students handle opinions?

‘Opinions’ looks like ‘onions’. Both can make you cry.

Queens’ drinking society holds initiations outside church on Remembrance Sunday

Lest they forgot.

Here are the most pretentious lines from successful Cambridge personal statements

“Are we pre-disposed to sin?” Yes, yes we are.

The Tab is voting YES to keeping class lists

You’re arrogant to think anyone cares what you got

Feminism compared to black slavery in misogynistic letter sent to all JCR Presidents

It accuses women of using sex as a currency too.

REVIEW: The Cambridge Greek Play 2016

Thank god we have Lysistrata to make up for Antigone

You literally don’t have to be friends with people you don’t like

Hi, let me help you get through life

The Tab’s Ultimate Cambridge A-Z, Part 1

I got 26 problems and Cambridge is every single one

BREAKING: Cambridge University’s next Vice Chancellor has been announced

It’s not Germaine Greer…

Oxford has beaten Cambridge to being the world’s best University

We’re not bitter or anything.

University of Cambridge girls are the third most right-swiped students on Tinder

The boys aren’t doing too badly either

BREAKING: The Union announces Yanis Varoufakis as a speaker for its London austerity debate

He’s the reason your holiday to Greece was cheap this year

Congratulations on getting into Cambridge… now what?

Much clever, very prestige.

Union Presidential Elections: The Tab interviews Kate and Matteo

Featuring Trump, disaffiliation and hairstyles.

EXCLUSIVE: St. John’s May Ball headliner revealed

Sucks to be you if you didn’t get a ticket.