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Penny and Phil: Valentine’s

Improve your sex life…?

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The truth on hickeys

Is that a turtleneck I see?

University of Cambridge girls are the third most right-swiped students on Tinder

The boys aren’t doing too badly either

Which sexual act is your college?

Show this to your DoS.

So Long, Farewell, (German Goodbye), Goodbye!


Do you Excel in bed?

SEX SURVEY: Do you like Facebook during sex?

RAG Blind Date: The Dos and Don’ts

We explain how to get your RAG date to touch you on the rump, and much more…

Get Your Fetish On

RACHEL CUNLIFFE on what we can all learn from the freaky fabulousness of the fetish scene.

Cooking up an Orgasm

IZZY PRITCHARD laments that flushed faces in the kitchen are being confused with sexual arousal, rather than overcooked carrots.