The Tab Mafia is opening its ranks

CV points and BNOC fame up for grabs.

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Section Editor Applications are now open for Michaelmas 2016.

Why join?

Because it’s the biggest student paper in Cambridge and in the country (can I get a hell yeh?!)

Because who doesn’t want their stuff being read by thousands of students?

Because what’s more satisfying than striking a good balance of fear and fun in your friends?

How do I apply?

  1. Send an email to [email protected] by 10pm on Thursday 9th June. Interviews will be on the day after and the weekend. Put your desired section in the subject line.
  2. Tell us your name, college, subject, year and phone number.
  3. Show us something that you’ve written – it doesn’t have to be for The Tab.
  4. If you have a CV you can attach, then send it our way. If not, don’t worry. We’re just interested in how you can prove your organisation.
  5. Briefly answer these questions – just one line or two is fine (if applying for an editorial position):
    1. What are your favourite and least favourite things about The Tab?
    2. What is your vision for this section? (Think about article ideas, what you’d want to continue, and what you’d want to improve).
    3. Why should we choose you?
    4. How would you encourage students, particularly incoming freshers, to write for you?
  6.  If you’re applying for a column, outline what your vision is for the column.

What are the positions?

News Editors (2)

The most important and demanding of the sections. Like knowing all the gossip? Like dishing the dirt? The News Editors will manage a team of reporters to get stories out as quickly as possible, some of which have gained national attention.

The News Columnist

Tackling the funnier side of news, the news column is our weekly update of things happening to Cantabs. From covering botched hall menus to the ongoings of Cambridge’s most beloved hacks, the news column is a great way to keep in the loop.

Investigations Editor

For those who like poking around uncovering the all the ridiculous, entertaining and shocking happenings nobody wants publicised. Another section where articles have often been picked up nationally.

Features Editors (2)

Want to write about the riskiest places to have sex in Cambridge? Or decide which inane thing is your college? Or find out the most bizarre stories about Cambridge life? Then in the name of quality jurnulizm, this is the section for you. We want someone who can take the piss out of Cambridge life, students and most importantly, themselves.

If editing isn’t really your thing, then you can apply for Chief Features Writer.

Opinion Editors (2)

Hate things? We do too! From cultural appropriation to feeling like May Week is unjustifiable decadence, this section is all about expressing – you got it – your opinion. Editors for this section will need to send out weekly commissions in search for engaging and relevant voices.

Lifestyle and Fashion Editors (2)

Have an eye for UL-revision-stress-chic? Want to review food? Have a desire to teach people how to dress to depress? We want enthusiastic editors with an eye for style.

Interviews Editor

Wish you could have been the one to ask Robert Downey Jr. how big his dick was at the Union? Ever fancied interviewing the bouncers at Gardies, or Vox-Popping people at Sidgewick? Then this is your chance.

Music Editor

Have a revision playlist to share with the world? Have an insatiable need to tell other people that what they’re listening to is shit? Be our Music Editor.

Sports Editor

Liveblogs. People that make us feel insecure about the two lunches we just had. College rivalries. End of Michaelmas Varsity skiing and rugby. Need we say more?

Theatre Editor

A good understanding of the theatre scene and strong organisational skills are a must. We review pretty much all Cambridge theatre.

Weekly Columnists

Write whatever you want (ish) once a week, for eight weeks. We want a range of personalities and voices for the freshers to get excited about following. Commitment to your column is key. We can’t wait to hear your ideas.

Tab TV

Have an insatiable need to have your face in front of the camera? Or hate the limelight but want to edit footage of drunk Cantabs post-Cindies? Then this is the perfect place for you.

The Tab is an enormous amount of fun, gossip and a claim to BNOC fame (kinda). You won’t regret it. Any questions and to submit applications – drop an email to: [email protected]