BREAKING: NUS employee breaks referendum rules

Tsk tsk NUS.

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Voting is now open in the NUS disaffiliation referendum. Vote by following this link. Vote Yes for disaffiliation or No to remain affiliated. 

You’d think they’d have learned their lesson.

Students received an email from the Student Switch Off campaign urging them to vote no in the NUS referendum this afternoon


Using a mailing list. Whoops.

Student Switch Off is an NUS-run campaign which encourages students to save energy when living in University halls of residence.


Naughty Neil

This is explicitly against the rules of the referendum which forbids the sending of campaign emails on already existing mailing lists that were not specifically created to coordinate campaigns.


Gotta read the fine print guys

When asked for comment, Adam Crafton, one of the leaders of the campaign for disaffiliation with NUS, said “It is regrettable to see the NUS resorting to breaking the rules. We are sure CUSU will clamp down on this in the correct manner.”

The Tab has notified the CUSU Elections Committee of the breach and is awaiting their response. In the past, candidates in CUSU Elections who have been found to breach election rules have been sanctioned via social media bans.

With two days left in the referendum, this can only get more interesting.