PREVIEW: Everything you need to know about the Varsity Football Match

Where to go, how to get there, when it is and what Cambridge’s chances of winning are (very good, obviously).

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In addition to the Cancer Research UK Boat Races on Sunday, the Varsity Football Match will be held on the same day, making Easter Sunday the busiest day of the year for more than just the Easter Bunny. 

How do I get tickets?

Tickets cost £8 a person and can be purchased via this link or on the door.

What time is the match?

Kickoff will be at 12:45.

Where is it held?

The match will again be at Craven Cottage, home of Fulham FC.

Conveniently close to the river

But I can’t get to London because I’m holidaying in the wilderness?

Not to worry, keep an eye on The Tab for full live coverage of the match. Our eager sports journalists will be live-blogging the exciting happenings minute-by-minute so you, dear readers, don’t miss a thing.

Pictures definitely included in the liveblog

What are Cambridge’s chances like?

Last time Cambridge faced Oxford was in early February and the Cantabs were dominant, emerging with a 1-0 victory.

Hopefully, Cambridge can reverse the result of Varsity 2015, where the game went Oxford’s way after a tense 1-1 draw that was decided on penalties.

Who exactly are we supporting?

Here’s the match squad:

Henry Warne (Fitzwilliam) – GK
John Harrison (Robinson) – GK
George Herring (Emmanuel) – LB
Jack Congdon (Corpus) – RB
Jakob Seidlitz (Wolfson) – LB
Jonny Dungay (Trinity) – CB
Richard Wolstenhulme (Darwin, Captain) – CB
Stefan Wolf (Wolfson) – CM
Andrea Filippa (St. John’s) – CM
Joe Painter (Fitzwilliam) – CM
Boris Grubic (Trinity) – CM
Artur Thoby (Clare) – CM
Marcus Nielsen (Pembroke) – LW
AJ Rawson (Trinity) – RW
Peter Rutzler (Fitzwilliam) – RW
Alex Gaskell (St. John’s) – CF
Max Burley (Downing) – CF

Hopefully, this is what we’ll see on Sunday

Should I celebrate Cambridge’s win with a pint in a pub?


After Varsity Football, there’s still time to get to the Thames for the boat race. Don’t worry if you know nothing about rowing, The Tab has put together this handy guide to stop you making a complete idiot out of yourself.

If you’re convinced watching rowing isn’t for you, never fear! The annual Goat Race is also occurring on Sunday.

Don’t worry, after Cambridge has established its dominance on the water as well as on the pitch, there’ll be plenty of time for celebrations.