Why I’m talking more about American politics here than at home

Thoughts and observations from an American student in Cambridge.

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So I thought for a few months at least, I would be able to run away from the heat of a screwed up American political system.

I was going to breath the sweet air of a country whose government right wing party is the American equivalent of a Democrat. Luxury. Universal healthcare, gun control, politicians who actually get shit done? Not to mention a limited number of weeks to campaign. We’ve had three years of non-stop presidential campaigning. We don’t democracy well.

Ahh Ned Stark. How we miss you. President Stark has a lovely ring to it. Yet again, the Republicans would probably chop your head off too.

To think I would be able to avoid any discussion surrounding the 2016 presidential election was absolute bollocks. You know how Americans get all excited when they hear someone with an English accent and ask them if they’ve met the Queen? Well, here I’ve found that whenever someone hears my accent I get question one, what do you think of Donald Trump, and question two, Hillary or Bernie? [deep sigh of frustration and exhaustion]

Me dwelling in a pit of political despair.

So far, the people I’ve met in the UK are more in tune with American politics than their own government. But I don’t blame you. How amusing it all looks from the outside. It must be nice to watch chaos unfold. The election has pretty much become a circus act and the best part is, you can leave. I have to go back there!

But here are my answers to the above questions: Donald Trump…I’m not even going to bother. And for the second question, I’m a Hillary supporter.

Ooooooohhh. Not a ‘Buhnie Sanduhs’ supporter like the rest of the people my age? How dare I? Sometimes it feels like I get the same look of horror when I mention Hillary Clinton as one who says they support Trump. A few years ago, mentioning her name would have been met with a high five or a chest bump. Now she’s become a political pariah, even to her own party. When she won the Iowa Caucus, the Democrats were ready to take up their pitchforks and torches. Now she’s recently won Nevada, a major win. But what will be the backlash?

It seems that here, there is that same sentiment. People are comparing Hillary Clinton to PM David Cameron. What? Are you kidding me? I know the Tory party is more liberal than US Republicans but to compare a Tory to a Democrat like Hillary Clinton seems extreme. Yes, she’s not a self-proclaimed socialist like Bernie Sanders, but she believes in everything that he does. She’s just not making promises that she knows she can’t keep.

Come on! Tell me that is not the face of a freaking warrior queen.

At least consider some of the things Hillary has done.

As First Lady:

  • Traveled around the world and advocated for women’s rights.
  • Worked with the U.S. Senate to pass the State Children’s Health Insurance Program

New York Senator:

  • Worked in a bipartisan fashion with Republicans to get shit done.
  • Voted against Bush tax cuts.
  • Supported Immigration reform

Secretary of State:

  • Repaired international relations after the damage caused by the Bush administration.
  • Conducted relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan
  • Restarted negotiations with Israel and Palestine.
  • Advocated for LGBT rights at the UN Human Rights Council.

That is just some of the good that she has done over the past twenty years of her life. I know this reads as a pro-Hillary article. I guess it is. But this is my answer to the questions surrounding my political leanings while I’m here in the UK.

Now please can I go back to pretending I’m in Harry Potter. Remember, you all thought Snape was bad, and look what happened there.