Game of Thrones

Why I’m talking more about American politics here than at home

Thoughts and observations from an American student in Cambridge.

Spoof News Is Good News: Week 2

Non-fictional journalist SUE DENIM reports on the news they don’t want you to know…

Game of Genres Week 2 – Classical vs Punk Rock

Does Cambridge prefer classical or punk rock? Cast your vote now!


Calling commenters of The Tab. For one term only, CUSU are yours. Ask them anything you like.

Tim Squirrell – The Tragedy of Enthusiasm

In his first columnn, TIM SQUIRRELL regales us with his thoughts on motivation, identity and keen freshers.

The Tab Meets…Rowan Williams

Current Master of Magdalene and ex-Archbishop of Canterbury talks to JAMIE WEBB about homosexuality, gender equality, and those Game of Thrones rumours…

Mark Liu: Week 3

MARK re-enacts a scene from Mean Girls and has an online affair with a brick-layer from Leeds – all in the name of feminism.

The Tab Meets: “Overheard at Cambridge”

CLAUDIA LEONG speaks to Emma Riordan, co-founder of the “Overheard in Cambridge” Facebook group.

Vic Sautter: Week 7

This week, VIC addresses the somewhat concerning issue of there being too many beautiful people in Cambridge.

Game of Thrones

KIERAN CORCORAN gets deep about HBO’s newest, and greatest, creation.