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Is Tel Aviv in Trouble? Both Sides of the Eurovision 2019 Boycott Debate

Politics…in Eurovision?!

Made in Chelsea’s Toff opens up about her anxieties, politics and the press

She was speaking about reality television at the Cambridge Union

ELECTION SPECIAL: Which politician is your college?

Feat. Classic Cambridge stereotypes

Which political slogan is your college?

We can’t all be ‘strong and stable’

Bernie Sanders in Cambridge: ‘We have a very strange president’

Bernie on climate change, Corbyn and crooked leaders

News Column: Cambridge conspiracies and Sidney knifed in the back

Read it to be sure it isn’t about you

General Election debate to be held in Cambridge

Feat. The Tories

News Column: Smelly Spaniels, CUSU Kings and German Phish

Read it to make sure it’s not about you…

MICHAEL HOWARD: “If you’re really politically ambitious, you’d probably go to Oxf*rd.”

Former Conservative leader and Union President Michael Howard talks Peterhouse, Politics, and THAT Paxman interview

University to run Brexit therapy sessions for students

Turns out triggering Article 50 is triggering

Former Union VP RESIGNS trusteeship over development project collapse

He argued that the Union was becoming “a declining and feeble excuse for a charity.”

The Vice-Chancellor is betraying Cambridge on climate

It’s unjust and undemocratic – divest now

REVEALED: Cambridge centre officially the most pro-remain area in the UK

Brexit doesn’t mean Brexit to Cambridge

Could YOU be Cambridge’s Biggest BNOC?

Nominate a Cantab now

REVIEW: Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons Lemons

An ingenious take on dystopia, spun around a troubled love story

LGBT+ identity is not a fashion statement

But equally, my hair is none of your fucking business

BOYCOTT of Student Satisfaction Survey encouraged by CUSU

The National Student Satisfaction Survey is part of the TEF – suspected to increase fees

BREAKING: Cambridge fellows vote to SAVE Class Lists

727 voted against the Grace

The Meme Cult of Donald Trump

How Trump memed himself to power

Corbyn is not a saviour of the people

He can be just as bad as everyone else