Cambridge is the worst place to study medicine

A recent survey is shedding some rather embarrassing light on how good a medicine degree at Cambridge really is

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A recent report reveals Cambridge medics feel the most inadequately prepared graduates in the country.

The general Medical Council found only 62% of Cambridge graduates in medicine felt adequately prepared for their first post – the lowest recorded in the country.

The report is sparking outrage from current Cambridge medics. Second-year medic Hesham Mashour from Trinity was shocked at the report: “At Cambridge we don’t just teach medicine – we teach the science behind it and that makes us great doctors and scientists.

Cambridge teaches you to be a scientist too so it’s all ok

“If medical students graduating from Cambridge fail to see this and fail to see that all the skills they’ve learnt will help them in some way or another they’re just shit students, they’ll be shit doctors and shouldn’t have applied to Cambridge.”

Ash Nandi was equally pissed off: “It is quite clearly stated in the GMC report that the findings are reported on the basis of whether the graduates ‘feel’ adequately prepared for their foundation post. ‘Feeling’ adequately prepared is obviously not the same as ‘being’ adequately prepared.”

Should have gone to UEA shouldn’t you?

Cambridge ranked well behind Universities such as Dundee, Cardiff, Bristol, and Aberdeen. To add to the humiliation, UEA (apparently know as the University of East Anglia) ranked top of the list with 97% of the respondents feeling adequately prepared to be a doctor after graduating.

So, would you rather be at East Anglia than Cambridge?