April Fools’ 2014 Roundup

A showcase of Cambridge’s best and worst attempts at lighthearted japery.

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Helium choirboys, Obama at the Union, and far-right political factions: who’s been April Foolish?

King’s College Chapel released a glorious video this morning that shows how the innovative choir are making do without the high voices of younger singers.

“Earlier this year the choir began webcasting services, but the complexity of the regulations involved means it really is no longer practical to have young boys singing in the choir,” says Chaplain Richard Lloyd Morgan.

“After a lengthy consultation process during which we learned that the surgical solution was surprisingly popular with the choral scholars, somebody in the chemistry department came up with a very simple solution. And now all we need is a very large tank of helium.”

“Consuming substances that make you high in services has always been a problem, but we’re getting to grips with the new situation,” says a choirboy who wishes to remain anonymous.

Meanwhile, the Cambridge Union Society posted an invitation acceptance apparently from “the Office of White House Communications”.

Obama’s visit coincides with Suicide Sunday…what will you do?

Sara P. Ofidilly, the Deputy Chief of Press Strategy says that the President of the United States “would like to arrange a visit to your historic Society for a major policy announcement on Sunday June 15th”.

Unfortunately, Mr Obama will have to compete for an audience with the Wyverns’ Garden Party that Suicide Sunday.

Coming up at the rear of the April Fools’ pranks was a message from ex-CUCA chairman Callum Wood, trying to convince The Tab that a cabal of Tory boys were breaking away to form CUUKIP.

CUUKIP: worse than the plague

We’ve yet to respond.