Essential Exam Term Excess

The library isn’t your prison…yet. Get out and enjoy these events before exam stress takes over.

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All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. And if The Shining taught us anything, it was that working all the time will make you try to murder children.

So since you can’t spend all your time crying over the work you should have done during the year, wipe those tears and give some of these events a try. Before the revision truly takes over.

The 2012 Golden Festival: Yokazura Party – 5th May

This is definitely the biggest event happening in Cambridge before the May week festivities kick off. With an Asahi beer bar, sake and plum wine, the Union offers all Cambridge students the chance to get boozy, Oriental style. It’s not all about the alcohol though; other attractions include a NintenDisco and food from YO! Sushi.

At £7 for members and £10 for others, the event seems good value for money. And if you weren’t already convinced, money will be raised for a fantastic cause: Akemi Solloway’s Aid For Japan.

Varsity Trip Summer Launch Night – 10th May

Life plays host to the ski extravaganza’s launch. Without doubt the best way to think you’re imagining exam term and it’s really Michaelmas. Expect new Varsity 2012 freebies, themed drinks, the launch of their new website and the release of ticket prices and the all-important location. CUTV are covering the event, so you may also get the chance to embarrass yourself in front of the student community- always a bonus.

White Noise – 12th May

If you’re still wanting to go out by this point, you’re either a) a genius b) an idiot c) a first year humanities student.

So if you’re in need of something a bit more raucous to break the mid-exam tedium of the ‘Bridge, check out this all night rave at the Junction. Described as ‘a bass fuelled punt up the derriere’, you can expect Co2 cannons, lasers, blinding strobe lights and bass lines you can feel reverberate through your body. Oh, and there’s also a 20ft ball pit: guaranteed chaos. Don’t plan any work for the next day…