FOOD COLUMN: Rum’n’Lime Refresher

Because at this point, we all need a drink.

Controversial “drag” bop at Robinson College: Offensive or political correctness gone mad?

#boycottbop2016 anyone?

Dry January? Amateurs, try dry life.

I’d love to tell you I’m not smug, but I just am.

Raging Trinitarians booze it up in Caesarian Sunday madness: take out frustrations on table tennis bat, giant Jenga

In a first for the college, students have been caught not studying

Halloween? More like Halloshit

PAIGE SMEATON tells you why you should hate Halloween

Which is Cambridge’s booziest college?

We reveal which college has embarrassed itself the most with salacious incidents of public nudity and excessive drinking

The Garden Party Guide 2014

Whether you’re into science, swedes, singing, sausages or snogging there’s a garden party out there for you. Stay tuned for all the latest updates.

Caesarian Sunday: Killjoy Uni chiefs boycott fun

Et tu, Daily Mail? Students warned off Sunday plans at Jesus Green.

Mary Beard: We don’t get free booze!

Beard has this week launched a staunch defence of Cambridge dons, insisting “We’re not port-swigging freeloaders.”

You made the dean’s list! Cambridge discipline 2011-13 revealed

The Tab‘s FOI series continues with our in-depth investigation into college discipline.

Proof: booze brings top grades

A clear correlation has been found between the amount of money colleges spend on alcohol and the percentage of firsts they receive.

Wages not Wine: Booze Hound Colleges Spend £3 million on Wine

The colleges of Cambridge University spent a shade under £3 million on wine last year reports JOSH SIMONS.

Garden Party Guide 2013

Celebrate May Week in style with The Tab’s Garden Party Guide.


Serious argy bhaji at Curry King as students and alumni fight in mass brawl.

Drunk Interviews

Lola Lo Down in reverse? A drunk Hunter Allen hits Sidgwick.


Cambridge’s most illustrious swap venue may have served students for the last time.

May Ball Survival

ANNA SHEINMAN guides you through the marathon of May Ball survival.

Rum and Vodka

NANCY NAPPER CANTER finds a rigorous foil to exam-term sobriety.

Essential Exam Term Excess

The library isn’t your prison…yet. Get out and enjoy these events before exam stress takes over.

Tab Tries: Whisky Tasting

HARRY SHUKMAN steps up in one of his toughest assignments yet to taste high-value whisky at the Union.