Nancy Napper Canter

Nancy Napper Canter


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Nymphomaniac Volumes I & II, Picturehouse Event

NANCY NAPPER CANTER spent five hours last Saturday watching Lars Von Trier’s newest cinematic output at the Picturehouse – and lived to tell the tale.

Best Bum Moments

Bored of bums yet? No? Cracking! NANCY NAPPER CANTER brings you five of the best bum moments from the big screen.

Hollywood Hounds

NANCY NAPPER CANTER takes you for walkies with five hounds from the big screen.


NANCY NAPPER CANTER reckons the older generation would be better off watching Amour.


“This Coriolanus didn’t strike me as someone who would shy from the limelight; if anything, he seemed to enjoy performance.” NANCY NAPPER CANTER isn’t convinced.

The Pillowman

“It tells the story of a short story writer called Katurian K. Katurian. (No prizes for guessing what the ‘K’ stands for.)” NANCY NAPPER CANTER is as enthused as the cast by Martin McDonagh’s black comedy.

Real World Problems

NANCY NAPPER CANTER highlights a real problem in amongst our Cambridge ‘woes’.

The Master

The Master, once seen as a contender for the highest grossing art-house film of all time, saw its star Joaquin Phoenix blow his Oscar hopes by recently calling the Academy Awards ‘bullshit’. Though in many ways triumphant, these aren’t the film’s only disappointments, writes NANCY NAPPER CANTER.

The Pin and Adam Lawrence Share an Hour

“I laughed more than I have in any other Cambridge sketch show”. But, sadly, not consistently, writes NANCY NAPPER CANTER.

The Spanish Tragedy

“King’s College Chapel is so fantastic a setting that it’s difficult not to grant this play a star before it’s even begun.” NANCY NAPPER CANTER is impressed – but only because she was sitting near the front.

Rust and Bone

NANCY NAPPER CANTER finds enough bone fide acting talent here to counterweight the rather rusty plot.

The Last Confession

Though it failed to thrill, this didn’t ruin it for NANCY NAPPER CANTER.

Dublin Carol

NANCY NAPPER CANTER is left feeling impressed but a bit empty.


NANCY NAPPER CANTER urges you to see a Macbeth that avoids any sense of déjà vu.

Antony and Cleopatra

NANCY NAPPER CANTER is impressed by a production that never slips up.

Interview: Kunt and The Gang

NANCY NAPPER CANTER interviews KUNT off of KUNT AND THE GANG. Click here. You know you want to.

Robinson May Ball

NANCY NAPPER CANTER almost runs outa puns in her review of Robinson May Ball.

Widow’s Walk

NANCY NAPPER CANTER is underwhelmed by the play that cried plot.

Interview: Lucy Rose

NANCY NAPPER CANTER takes tea with Lucy Rose and looks beyond the fringe.

Interview: Clive Anderson

Selwynite NANCY NAPPER CANTER interviews ex-Selwynite Clive Anderson about Selwyn and interviewing.

Rum and Vodka

NANCY NAPPER CANTER finds a rigorous foil to exam-term sobriety.

Interview: Rory McGrath

NANCY NAPPER CANTER and KIKI BETTS-DEAN and are beguiled by Cantab, comedian and Cambridge townie Rory McGrath.

Interview: Lenny Henry

NANCY NAPPER CANTER quizzes Lenny Henry on his new-found student life.


NANCY NAPPER-CANTER: shit-hot acting, half-baked play.

The Country

NANCY NAPPER CANTER makes a harrowing trip to The Country.

Write-Offs: A Sketch Show

NANCY NAPPER CANTER gets right on with Write-Offs. She’s not very good at puns though.

The Talented Mr Ripley

NANCY NAPPER CANTER is let down by a distinctly un-talented production.

The Dumb Waiter

NANCY NAPPER CANTER [pause] likes [pause] this [pause] play.

The Cocktail Party

NANCY NAPPER CANTER is disappointed by a play that can’t hold its own liquor.

Bird Pie

New musical fails to take flight for NANCY NAPPER-CANTER. We’re in for more of a chicken run.


“Art is what you can get away with.” Which turns out to be quite a lot if you’ve got good comic timing, says NANCY NAPPER-CANTER.