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Claudia Leong
Cambridge University


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Homerton grad missing as husband joins ISIS in Syria

Iimaan Ismail, a Cambridge graduate and ex-Tab writer, has not been heard of since being released from Manchester police custody following allegations of ‘wilful ignorance’

Animal extremists threaten Cambridge

Threats made against students and the University’s Archaeology Department

Caius May Ball 2014

CLAUDIA LEONG thoroughly enjoyed her evening at Caius, which seemed to end all too soon.

Duck Off, Rowers!

Animal rights campaigner Lee Culley has pledged to protect birds from harm during the upcoming May Bumps.

For Peas’ Sake! Newnham Gardener’s Garden Obliterated in Freak Accident

A car collision destroyed Newnham College gardener Jason Causton’s beloved garden on Wednesday afternoon.

Are you nerdier than a Royal Holloway student, Cambridge?

Compare yourself to national stats! (Surprise surprise, Oxonians are pretty average.)

Paradise Lost? Help Cambridge librarian bring his wife home!

English Faculty librarian David Rushmer is fighting to be reunited with his wife.

Wyverns in Oxford Rape Row

Magdalene’s infamous drinking society, the Wyverns, are under police investigation for allegedly chanting about rape in Oxford city centre.

Middle England Clutches Pearls as Cantabs Sit in Park

Caesarian Sunday: the usual mishmash of debauchery, picnicking and depravity.

Good Heavens! Jesus Porters Spy on One Night Stands

Ooh porter! College authorities at Jesus are busting students who don’t sign in their hook-ups

CUSU Election advisor in court for child abuse

Our good ol’ student union just can’t seem to get a break.

Full Union Line-Up Revealed!

The Cambridge Union’s Easter 2014 termcard features politicians, celebrities and two ex Doctor Who actors.

Will-ett’s Quite a Punishment for Student Activism!

Cambridge Defend Education members Jessica O’Driscoll-Breen and Conrad Landin fined £20 each by the Cambridge Union Society

97.2 Good To be True: CamFM Presenter Up for Radio Award

Phin Adams has been nominated for a 2014 Radio Academy Award, the industry’s highest accolade.

Cambridge Development Initiative Raise £5000 in One Week

TWENTY THOUSAND pounds to go: student society Cambridge Development Initiative have one month left to raise a total of £25 000

Sexism in the Workplace for Murray Edwards Alumnae

It’s lnternational Women’s Day today, but Murray Edwards alumnae are still finding their careers held back by sexism.

Chase & Status to Headline Trinity Hall June Event

The Tab’s 2014 May Ball coverage is officially kicking off as we reveal Tit Hall’s June Event main act

Physics, Politics and Ethics Collide as Hawking Professorship Passes

Regent House narrowly pass a controversial £3.63 million professorship set up in Stephen Hawking’s name.

Vroom For New Investment: Trinity Buy Top Gear Track

Trinity race to buy up Dunsfold Park, production site of BBC Two show Top Gear

CUSU Promote “Party with Porn Stars”

Cambridge University Student Union inadvertently help publicise a trip to “the porn capital of Europe”

Google Maps Leak Piss-Take Mistake

Urine the wrong place! Google erroneously call King’s Lane ‘Piss Alley’ on Google Maps.

Animal Rescue at John’s an Otter Success

Heartwarming scenes of heroism as St John’s College staff rescue a baby otter

Cantabs Clean Bandit Get No. 1 Single

Cambridge alumni band Clean Bandit sweep the UK charts, selling over 163 000 singles over the past week.

Wolfson bedder found guilty of theft

A bedder has been convicted of stealing money from student rooms in Wolfson.

Baa Baa Black Sheep: “Macabre” Animal Tests at Physiology Department

Major UK animal campaigns group Animal Aid criticise sheep vivisection at the Department of Physiology

Andy Answer Is? Public Marriage Proposal Left Hanging

A marriage proposal to “Andy” is on public display near the Sidgwick Site.

Jerked Off to Jail: Police Get a Grip on Cambridge College Masturbator

From injections to erections, a drug-dealer on probation tosses away his freedom.

Cambridge Union Lent Line-Up Released!

Read on to find out which notorious figures will be addressing Cambridge this term..

Unrepentent Student Resumes Stalking Supervisor

Cambridge may be a hotbed for celebrity academics, but one mature student takes her obsession too far

Addenbrooke’s Crashed by Students on the Lash

They might have been bingeing but today they’ll be cringing– Cambridge students spark complaints from Addenbrooke’s A&E. CLAUDIA LEONG has the inside track.

Who Killed Bambi? Cam Professor Supports Culling Deer Calves

Cambridge Zoology professor Tim Clutton-Brock supports regulations on killing deer calves during the Scottish deer cull season.

Cambridge Police Infiltrate Student Politics

The Cambridgeshire Police have been caught trying to recruit an activist to go undercover and spy on Cambridge student politics.

Christmas Comes Early? Lecturers to Strike. Again.

Lectures may well end a day early this term, as uni staff plan further industrial action

Pensioner Faeces up to Cambridge Lecturer

Sh*tstorm at Sidney Sussex: Director of Studies Michael Ramage assaulted as he poo-tled along cycle path

Cheer on your Cambridge Teams!

£1500 are at stake for Cambridge’s varsity Cheerleading squad, the Cambridge Cougars, and Engineers Without Borders, a humanitarian organisation, help them win it!

Sex on Cam: Punting Fun for Students and Punt Operators

Apparently music performances aren’t the only punt sessions taking place on the Cam. CLAUDIA LEONG reports.

Wouldn’t be at Oxford: St John’s to Serve Lobster

For the first time ever, lobster will be featured on the regular formal and buttery menus at St John’s. CLAUDIA LEONG reports.

AR U Serious?

In a desperate bid to cover a housing shortage, Anglia Ruskin University has moved freshers into a Travelodge.

UnChristian Behaviour: Racist Slurs from Football Club

A night out at Mai Thai Restaurant for new college families ended on a sour note after one of their group was subjected to racial abuse from a member of a separate Cambridge college football team.

Whale How About That? Suspended Skeleton at Zoology Museum Coming Down

The Zoology Museum’s famous whale is swimming away for the next three years.

Cambridge Cribs? Travellers Move Onto University Development Site

A group of travellers have made Cambridge’s most ambitious development project their latest home.

Sin(dy)ful: club manager robbed drinking socs to pay back parking fines.

The former Manager of Life and Cindies took his employers for a ride, stealing to pay off parking fees.

Boatie Psychos: Bird-Bashing at Bumps

Cambridge crews have been accused of murdering ducklings at the ongoing May Bumps.

The Tab Meets: When in Cambridge

CLAUDIA LEONG sits down with the legendary When in Cambridge to talk gifs, exams and what makes Cantabs tick!

See A Penny, Pick It Up

A CamFM presenter is leaving 1000 ‘lucky pennies’ around Cambridge this term…and they’re all for you.

1 In 5 Students Have Mental Health Issues, NUS Study Claims

Findings from a recent NUS survey suggest that 20% of students suffer from mental health problems.

PETA Pitted Against Petting Zoo

Animal rights group PETA has voiced strong concerns over CUSU’s upcoming bunny bonanza.

Jelly Wrestles Back: Counter-Protest Reaches 1000 Signatures

Jelly is set to be flavour of the month as the counter-petition calling for jelly wrestling to be reinstated hits the big 1000.

Queenie Comes to Cam

The Queen and Prince Phillip will be making their first official visit to Cambridge in over two years.

The Tab Meets: “Overheard at Cambridge”

CLAUDIA LEONG speaks to Emma Riordan, co-founder of the “Overheard in Cambridge” Facebook group.


Serious argy bhaji at Curry King as students and alumni fight in mass brawl.

The Tab Meets: Niyi

Singer, music producer and Cantab Niyi discusses Russian audiences, fashion and the Cambridge music scene with CLAUDIA LEONG.

The Tab Meets: Azadeh Moaveni

CLAUDIA LEONG discusses Iranian clerics, culture and kitchens with Azadeh Moaveni.

Interview: A Sensitive Scholar

CLAUDIA LEONG interviews the insensitive ‘Sensitive Scholar’, whose witty Tab comments are as ubiquitous as bicycles in Cambridge, or Middle Eastern dictators.

Tab Tries: Writing For The Tab

CLAUDIA LEONG writes for the Tab, and is ostracised for it.

The Nine Circles of Cambridge Dating Hell

CLAUDIA LEONG has created a handy-dandy guide for the single Cambridge girl on
RAG Blind Date. Just don’t expect it to work.

Tab Tries: Loony Libraries

Bored of the UL, CLAUDIA LEONG takes a walk on the wild side and visits some of Cambridge’s looniest libraries.

Tab Tries: Sleeping with Strangers

CLAUDIA LEONG takes some strangers into her room for the night all in the name of the Cambridge Union.

A Guide To: Fooling Porters

CLAUDIA LEONG gives her top tips for evading the ever-watchful eyes of college porters…

Tab Tries: Faking a Cake

CLAUDIA LEONG battles all odds and tries out some alternative ways of baking in college.

Tourists In Cambridge

Tourists have annoyed Cambridge students for years. CLAUDIA LEONG sees if she can have the last laugh…