Josh Simons

Josh Simons
Cambridge University


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You are all wrong about No Platform

Why a voice isn’t just for people on that shitty talent show

John’s May Ball 2014

JOSH SIMONS is delighted by this marvellous mousse of a May Ball.

Put your penises away

Exhibition cancelled after display of penises dubbed ‘limp and soft’.

I am bored of your preaching

JOSH SIMONS thinks we should be a little more careful before reeling off patronising, malign and preachy arguments.

Town and Gown unite to condemn Trinity Investments

At a meeting in Emmanuel Church, locals and students rallied against Trinity’s Investment policy.

GERIATRIC CARNAGE: Cambridge Alumni Wreak Havoc on Caesarian Sunday

In an annual tradition that plagues drinking societies across Cambridge, old boys return and run riot.

Wages not Wine: Booze Hound Colleges Spend £3 million on Wine

The colleges of Cambridge University spent a shade under £3 million on wine last year reports JOSH SIMONS.

J’accuse: Tabloids

Let’s have a debate about rear of the year, argues JOSH SIMONS, but don’t drag the tabloids into it, they’re pricks

Cambridge Loose on Climate Change

The Tab examines the contradictions in Cambridge’s attitude towards Climate Change.

Trinity Making a Killing

A special Tab investigation reveals all behind Trinity’s money making machine.