Which is Cambridge’s booziest college?

We reveal which college has embarrassed itself the most with salacious incidents of public nudity and excessive drinking

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After months of gruelling investigation, The Tab can reveal the extent of Cambridge’s love of booze.

And colleges are keen on punishment: students are being given thousands of pounds of fines and hundreds of hours of community service.

Over the past two years, hundreds of incidents of “drunken and disorderly behaviour” include:

  • “Illegal” parties
  • Pissing in public
  • “Antisocial” drinking socs
  • Vandalism
  • Chundering everywhah. In public.

Smashed students racked up a staggering £3,110 worth of fines and 471 hours of community service as punishment.

They’ve clearly been downing the VKs at Downing, as the college collected a gob-smacking £800 worth of fines. College officials fined a drinking soc £250 for “inappropriate behavior” and slapped one student with a £100 fine for pissing in public.

Churchill recorded the highest number of incidents with 32 in the past two years.  Not all of these were alcohol-related but the Dean thinks it was the cause of some.

Third-year Churchill student Ted Hill said: “Oh Gods tats so craysy!!!!;-)! I cold defnitely drive. Serously Im not that drink. Guck you and Tab. Noiiii bed now.”

It might be rich but it’s fucking boring: Trinity recorded only one instance of “drunk and disorderly conduct.”

Enough said

Enough said

But it’s rival John’s which really takes the piss. The college is full of wasters, racking up a staggering £1,600 worth of fines over the two year period.

It’s alright, though, because they can pay.  The poor sods endured almost 100 hours of community service for being “drunk and disorderly” or “drunk and incapable”.

Really, John's?!

Not helping yourselves. Rather be at Oxford?

This data is from colleges that responded positively to our FOIs about incidents over the last two years.

Some claimed they didn’t have records of alcohol-related discipline (sure…). Caius, Catz, Queens and Eddies refused to respond to our FOIs within the statutory period – something to hide, perhaps?

Check back tomorrow for all the juicy details.