The Union

QUIZ: Should you join the Union?

Aye or nay?!

Union announces Israeli and Palestinian Ambassadors to speak this term

Last time, there were protests

Which Deadly Sin is your Society?

Because, let’s be honest, we’re all going to hell

Ai Weiwei, the ‘most powerful artist in the world’, comes to Cambridge – and blasts Brexit

‘A nation should be generous’: The Chinese dissident spoke to The Tab as part of his extraordinary May Week visit

EVAN DAVIS: “I was tired the whole time at Oxford. Eight weeks is nothing.”

Evan Davis at the Union: On the challenges of Newsnight, the BBC and why the world has moved on from Paxman.

MARK HAMILL speaks at the Union: “If you’re good at anything other than showbusiness, do that”

He was in Star Wars, he was at the Union, and he was charming as f**k – and he calls Harrison Ford and Carrie Fisher “Harrie and Carrison”

Yoko Ono at the Union: 10 best quotes with translations

On Friday evening, the really lovely elderly widow of John Lennon came to the Cambridge Union and said lots of really lovely things

Send the No-Platformers a big, democratic middle finger

You may not like Julian Assange, but that does not mean he doesn’t deserve a platform

Better ways to spend your union membership fee

The Cambridge Union: a place where the paninis are cheap, the ceilings are high and the cost of membership could probably buy you a ranch in Ecuador.

You are all wrong about No Platform

Why a voice isn’t just for people on that shitty talent show

Russell Brand Calls on Cambridge Students to Lead the Revolution

Russell Brand caused some controversy whilst calling for REVOLUTION in Cambridge.

The Cambridge Bucket List

From starting a flash mob during formal to skinny dipping in the Cam, LAUREN CHAPLIN presents the definitive Cambridge bucket list.

Editorial: Assange Issue Highlights CUSU Questions

Julian Assange’s talk may have been cancelled, but it has raised questions about CUSU’s role as representative of the student body.

Old White Men

TOMMY SHANE thinks the recent controversy over Assange at The Union is masking some bigger problems.

Star Power

SOPHIA VAHDATI thinks that celebrities should stay away from ‘great responsibility’.

Essential Exam Term Excess

The library isn’t your prison…yet. Get out and enjoy these events before exam stress takes over.

Jerry, Jerry, Jerry

POPPY DAMON interviews Jerry Springer and finds more than just stories of bestiality lies behind his pretty face…


BRIONY BATES wants to love Denim, but is thwarted by its terrible sound.

Cambridge Faces

LEAF ARBUTHNOT enjoys something, but this time: it’s inedible.

In Defence of the Union

We should give The Union more credit than it gets.