Theatre Guide Dog: Week 0

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG has fresh bark and bite for a new term.

ADC Comedy etg king lear Liam Williams Mumford show choir Smoker The Movement Theatre theatre guide dog toby parker rees Twelfth Night week 0

I’m really excited for term, guys. I even got a new pink backpack and everything.

Twelfth Night 16th January only

This pup’s put-down predecessor & co. prove true the age-old adage re old dogs and new tricks by returning to Cambridge like seasonal mould.

Mumford Theatre, 7.30pm £8.50-11.50

King Lear 17th – 21st January 

Come one, come all, and make an appraisal of ETG’s aging-makeup capabilities after several months of practice.

ADC, 7.45pm/2.30pm £6-10

Liam Williams’ Stand Up Show 17th January only

Continuing the theme of things continuing to return to Cambridge, Liam Williams is in town again. No, I don’t remember the last time either. Though I notice he hasn’t even bothered to come up with a new name.

ADC, 11pm £6-7

CU Show Choir: Unplugged 18th January only

For those unable to as yet stomach proper theatre. Or who have that anaemic starter-for-main-course attitude towards the stage.

ADC, 11pm £5-6

Downing RAG Smoker 21 January only

Sharpen your comedic claws on this term’s first offering, overflowing with such Footlight-y goodies as Phil Wang, Pierre Novellie and Ahir Shah.

Downing College Howard Theatre, 9pm £4