REVIEW: Freshers’ Week Smoker

An excellent night, showcasing the wide range of talent to be found in Cambridge students.

REVIEW: Pembroke Black Tie Smoker

Dani Cugini has never regretted hating wine more.

REVIEW: Newnham Smoker

Freya Harris had a blast at this feel good smoker.

The Tab chats to Cambridge’s first feminist comedy night

Chris Waugh and James Wilkinson tell all about the predominance of cis white males in comedy and how to fix it.

REVIEW: Footlights’ Smoker

Will Popplewell gives the Footlights’ Smoker 4 stars hailing it one of the best nights at the ADC this year.

PREVIEW: The John Hughes Arts Festival

WILL DALRYMPLE takes a sneak peek at Jesus students’ efforts to honour their late Chaplain

The Newnham College Smoker: On fire

MOLLY O’CONNER spent a thoroughly enjoyable evening at the Newnham College Smoker

Review: Sticky Floor Smoker

EMILY MARR is surprised and entertained by an evening of comedy that showed Cambridge still has it.

Footlights Smoker

OJ WATSON feels that… darn it was a mixed bag, but the fresh new marbles shone bright!

Let The Footlights stamp on their own critics

In response to the defence of The Footlights, TOMMY SHANE argues for the importance of criticism over blanket praise.

Corpus Smoker

ELLIE WARR is in safe hands for her first night of comedy at the Corpus Smoker.

SCA Corpus Smoker

ZOE DAVIGNON is generally delighted by exam term humour and Tab bashing at the SCA Smoker.

Pembroke Black Tie Smoker

Jaded Theatre Editor FRANCESCA HILL has her bitter heart warmed by this quirky comedy night.

What’s On At The Theatre

FRANCESCA HILL and JAMES MACNAMARA make a superficial attempt to link this week’s (fantastic) theatre to Valentine’s Day.

Footlights Smoker

MATTHEW WOLFSON enjoys, but is not blown away by, the Footlights Smoker.

Corpus Smoker

Kids, step away from the ADC: there’s more to comedy than the Footlights. FRANCESCA HILL reviews the Corpus Smoker.

Footlights Smoker

Sins are committed both on- and off-stage for BASIL FRANCIS this week.

Footlights Smoker

JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO and ALICE CARR think this week’s Footlights Smoker was like a shirt. A very good shirt. Obviously.

Matt and Marc’s Shot in the Dark

BASIL FRANCIS is left in the dark by this novelty smoker.

Christ’s Holy Smoker

Hilarity in the name of charity is not quite enough for ELLIE OGILVIE to laugh through the whole night