Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG is the brains behind the Chancellor election. And the week’s theatre – bitch of many talents.

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MWAHAH. MWAHAHA-HAHA. HAHA. Oh, hello, I didn’t see you there – it’s easy to get a little carried away with all my insistent villainy. This week, for instance, I’ve managed to implement stage 247b)iv) in my Plan to Conquer the Theatrical Universe: install a sentient-but-dim robot that is completely under my control in the position of Cambridge University Chancellor. Phillip, the prototype, was a little fault-prone. Soon, this success will enable me to force the installation of dog-friendly Dyson airblades in every Cambridge venue. Every. Cambridge. Venue. Meanwhile:

Corpus Smoker – 17th October

Here’s a new thing: a regular, fortnightly corpus smoker slot. HUZZAH! No promises as to quality, but well done to the Fletcher Players for filling that Monday night void*.

Corpus at 9.30pm, £5-6

The Lonesome West – 18th–22nd October

Irish playwright Martin McDonagh’s script seems like the result of the mind behind this trying to resuscitate the column of Myles na gCopaleen. Which is almost exactly what The Lonesome West is. Which is exactly why it should be brilliant.

ADC at 7.45pm, £6 – £10

The Acid Test – 18th–22nd October

“Can you please get drunk with me?” asks the publicity for the Corpus mainshow this week, in a desperate but definitely available whimper. It’s a script that’s recently been put on at the Royal Court, and written by a woman who (on twitter at least) professes that she’d “prefer Jedward to perform open heart surgery on me than spend a minute with the Loose Women.” That, at least, bodes graphically well.

Corpus at 7pm, £5-6

Theoretically – 18th– 22nd October

A comedy about protest that, structurally, at least, seems like it might be trying to be to student-led anti-cuts activism what Four Lions was to, err, militant British terror cells. Theoretically, it could be a wry and witty comment on some of the organisational inadequacies of activist groups. Or not.

Corpus at 9.30pm, £5-6

Broody – 19th–22nd October

Topping off a week of success for people-associated-in-some-way-with-the-footlights, Broody claims it’s going to make you look at the person beside you in the audience, and think disgusting thoughts. This, without doubt, is the Guide Dog’s recommended approach to theatre.

ADC at 11pm, £4-6

*’Pylon into the Void’ by Gwilly Edmondez.