Corpus Smoker

Corpus Smoker

HANNAH MIRSKY reckons this smoker got the job done quite nicely.

Corpus Smoker

ABI BENNETT would have enjoyed this more if everyone had just calmed down a bit…

Little Show Peep: Week 2

As it starts to get cold, Little Show Peep urges you to get your woolies on and flock to the theatre.

Corpus Smoker

JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO and ALICE CARR wonder who will take over Pierre Novellie’s crown when the king steps down at the Corpus Smoker this week.

The Muppets

JAMIE MATHIESON describes The Muppets as ‘profound and moving’, and asks himself – am I a man or a Muppet?

Corpus Smoker

KIKI BETTS-DEAN narrowly avoids bag-related cliché after seeing another average Corpus Smoker

Snowy Guide Dog: Week 3

All this snow is making THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG act a bit funny.

Corpus Smoker

KIKI BETTS-DEAN desperately searches for synonyms of “average”

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 6

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG prophesies theatre to come. And is having suspicious food cravings. WHAT COULD THIS MEAN?

Theatre Guide Dog: Week 2

THE THEATRE GUIDE DOG is the brains behind the Chancellor election. And the week’s theatre – bitch of many talents.

Corpus Smoker

The last Smoker of term serves up a healthy portion of belly laughs and splits the sides of HUGO JONES.

Corpus Birthday Smoker

Warped moments of hilarity and unenlightened disdain…The Corpus Smoker proves to be a mixed bag for RHONDA NICHOLL.

Corpus Smoker

PHOEBE LUCKHURST is left feeling dissatisfied and slightly used as Corpus loses its smoker virginity.