Review: Bad Jews

Josh Harmon’s Bad Jews is like forcing the whole Lord of the Rings into a tiny suffocating room.

REVIEW: Right Place Wrong Time

The Corpus Playroom turns into a time machine

Corpus votes to remain disaffiliated from CUSU

Is anyone else getting sick of all these referendums?

REVIEW: E x i l e

Exile has set itself a high challenge and rises to it in a way that you would be hard-pressed to see done so well again.

REVIEW: Pinefish

A hair-raising solo debut I’d be Keane to see at any point on my Callander, even around Christmas.

THEATRE: This Week

Get your thesp game on

REVIEW: Walnut Sanchez and the Macaroni Saga

JOE PIERI falls over backwards for this ridiculous and hilarious duo

A-Z Guide to Cambridge theatre

All you need to know

REVIEW: Woman in Mind

Alan Ayckbourn’s tragicomedy is brought to Corpus with style and conviction by this extremely talented cast.


Forget bubble, bubble, toil and trouble…Enron has bigger, more financially deceptive bubbles to pop.

BREAKING (and entering): Corpus Playroom Burgled

A break in of ENRON-ormous importance.

What Premier League team is your college?

Ever wondered what Premier League team your college is? Of course you haven’t, but here’s a list that has been assembled through years of scientific research and looking in the historical archives for new college stereotypes.

REVIEW God of Carnage

Two couples, one room. What could possibly go wrong?

REVIEW: The Eradication of Schizophrenia in Western Lapland

Design and performance errors mar a captivating premise

The great library cash cow: Over £100,000 in a year racked up by Cambridge’s biggest libraries

Students are terrified of the draconian penalties for late and lost books.

Gender quotas would devalue Cambridge theatre

Fabricated diversity isn’t diversity.

The Week Ahead: The F Word, Jeremy Vine and The History Boys

A better alternative than trying to sort through the chaos of all the Facebook events you’ve clicked attending on.

The Week Ahead: Trojan Barbie, Alice and Toddla T

Ever wonder what cultural events are going on in Cambridge? Look no further, as we highlight Cambridge’s hottest venues

REVIEW: Free Fall

Free Fall certainly bridges the gap between funny and dark in a completely captivating way.

REVIEW: Private Lives

The highest of society and the depths of poor manners. Coward’s ‘Private Lives’ sparkles in the Corpus Playroom, says Jamie P Robson.