Vomville & Caius

Students at Gonville & Caius think the stomach bug that hit the college this week could be linked to their college’s hall, after it received one of the worst hygiene ratings in Cam.

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Gonville & Caius’ Hall could be behind the mystery bug that’s had students heaving this week.

Around 20 students from Caius were struck down with a vomiting and diarrhoea bug on Wednesday, and many of those who caught the 24-hour bug attended hall the day before, leading to speculation that it could have been the College’s food that caused the outbreak. Fish & Chips was served at Tuesday’s hall and could be the culprit.

Caius students speculate about the mystery stomach bug

Caius were last year named as one of the worst college for food hygiene. Scores on the Doors, who rate business’ food hygiene out of 5, gave Caius 3 out of 5, making it dirtier than Gardies, who scored 4 out of 5. The only other college to score a 3 was Homerton.

However, not all of those in Caius who were struck down with the bug went to hall, so there may be no link to the College’s food.

One Caian who wished to remain anonymous told The Tab: “I’m not now positive it was hall related as other people have had the same thing but didn’t go to hall. I think it’s just a bug going around.

“I don’t want to slag off Caius hall too quickly in case a member of staff sees it and then does actually spit in my food!”

All those who caught the bug have now recovered, but it could leave many questioning how clean the Caius Kitchen really is. Curious to see just how your college canteen rates? Check out the table below:

– Christ’s: 4/5

– Churchill: 4/5

– Clare: 5/5

– Clare Hall: –

– Corpus Christi: 5/5

– Darwin: 5/5

– Downing: 5/5

– Emmanuel: 4/5

– Fitzwilliam: 4/5

– Girton: 5/5

– Gonville & Caius: 3/5

– Homerton: 3/5

– Hughes: 5/5

– Jesus: 5/5

– King’s College: 4/5

– Lucy Cavendish: 4/5

– Magdalene: 5/5

– Murray Edwards: 5/5

– Newnham: 5/5

– Pembroke: 5/5

– Peterhouse: 5/5

– Queens’: 4/5

– Robinson: 5/5

– St Catharine’s: 5/5

– St Edmunds: 5/5

– St John’s: 5/5

– Selwyn: 5/5

– Sidney: 5/5

– Trinity: 4/5

– Trinity Hall: 5/5