fish and chips

Where are the yam fries?

JOE GOODMAN is worried about the lack of yam in the cam.

Johnathan Zemlik

JOHNATHAN ZEMLIK takes a look at the weird vocab of Cambridge students, and misses the creature comforts of the North.

Tab Tries: London Fashion Week

Joy focuses on street style at LFW in today’s instalment. See what caught her eye!

Vomville & Caius

Students at Gonville & Caius think the stomach bug that hit the college this week could be linked to their college’s hall, after it received one of the worst hygiene ratings in Cam.

Leaf’s Lunches: Tit Hall

Trinity Hall hall puts a downer on LEAF ARBUTHNOT’s Friday.

Tab Interview: The Heartbreaks

THE HEARTBREAKS: one of them is officially the fastest Under-21 Whippy pourer in the West. The North West, that is.