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Follow today’s crunch match between Jesus and John’s LIVE on The Tab from 2.00 here.

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JESUS WIN 19-11 TO TAKE THE TITLE (full report)

Follow today’s crunch match between Jesus and John’s LIVE on The Tab from 2.00 here.

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A win or a draw from Jesus will make them champions. John’s will be hoping to end Jesus’ unbeaten record so far this season and give them a slim chance of retaining their title (which would require Jesus to lose at Trinity in their finale game.)

Here is how it unfolded on Twitter, with the online section below:

3:59 pm Right, that’s all from me. Full report to come, and something from Tabtv. It’s Jesus’ day, and they just about deserve it after a great game

3:51 pm The whistle goes immediately, Miller is carried on to join in the celebrations. John’s unlucky after an excellent 2nd half display.

3:50 pm That’s the title. With Miller lying on the side, Jesus’ Tambara steps, jinks and runs in for the score. 19-11.

3:45 pm That’s rugby. Jesus captain Miller goes injured and the John’s fans ensure the game is stopped for him to get treatment. Sporting.

3:41 pm Brilliant jinking run from Jesus’ Blucke. From his own line to halfway, past at least 3. Comes to nothing though, not long to go, 12-11

3:35 pm Big blow. John’s lose Cheetham, their hooker, to injury. Will that affect their dominance up front

3:28 pm Huge hit. Miller, Jesus’ captain, gets hammered. From the resulting turn over John’s get 5 yards out. Penalty, 3 points. 12-11. Tense

3:24 pm It’s really in the balance. Wilson, who is having a great second half, makes another break, but gets isolated, Jesus clear from the penalty

3:17 pm John’s rampant. Overlap on the left is only stopped by some excellent scramble defence. Jesus pinged but the quick tap is wasted

3:14pm John’s go close again. 3 times. But when they go wide they’re pinnged for crossing and Jesus clear

3:09pm …Grethe goes over for the score. Extras missed, in embarrassing fashion. That could be important later. 12-8
3:08 pm From the resultant scrum, John’s go in the forwards. Held up again. This time they go to the backs. Stovall stopped short but…

3:07 pm I take it back. John’s turn over a scrum, Wilson breaks and they should score. Jesus recover and its held up…

3:00 pm So, John’s have 40 minutes to salvage something. I have to say, it doesn’t look likely…

2:56 pm Tambara hits a beauty from the 10 metre line, and that’s half-time. 12-3. Jesus in total control.

2:53 pm Nearly half time, john’s line out 5 out. But lost ball allows Jesus to clear. Still 9-3.

2:48 pm John’s could have scored. A break and an overlap leads to a kick through by Thomas. He almost collects but knocks on 1 yard out

2:42 pm Scrappy, scrappy. Roope storms through the John’s defence, but first the ref and then handling errors slow it down.

2:39 pm Tambara slots home another pen, this is sloppy from the red boys. 9-3

2:31 pm After a scrappy few mins, jesus win their own scrum and break. Pass doesn’t go to hand because of an off the ball tackle. Good strike 6-3

2:25 pm John’s offside, jesus pen, bang in front. 3-3

2:23 pm Jesus could be ahead. Their backs scything through the red boys defence. Ball dropped in the corner, but the next time they get the ball..

2:17 pm 3-0 John’s. What a start. John’s turn over the first scrum. Phases, penalty, quick tap and another pen. 10 yards out, bang in front

2:15 pm John’s kick us off. It doesn’t go 10. Worst possible start for the red boys. Scrum Jesus on halfway

2:13 pm Jesus are out, and link arms on halfway. No national anthem or haka. Red boys on the way

2:05 pm Backs: Wilson Thomas (c); Goodwin Prys-Jones Stovall Roberts; Coleman

2:05 pmForwards: Hunter Cheetham Collingwood; Emerton van Zwanenberg; Barrett Grethe Wells

2:04 pm Both teams back in the changing rooms, crowd assembling. Its very tense…here’s the john’s line up

1:45 pm Hearing that kick off is at 2 15, got a bit over-excited there. John’s team to follow

1:34 pm Jesus going through their warm up with plenty of commitment and noise, they look up for this. John’s start off on a light jog

1: 18 pm So, reaction to that line-up? Largely expected to be honest, and it looks strong. Still working on getting the John’s team

1:10 pm Jesus backs: Cross Tambara; Jones Gill Macklin Blucke; Rammage

1:09 pm Jesus forwards; Taylor King Harding; Meads Viljoen; Miller (c) Greenfield Roope.

1:00 pm Kick off in one hour. Both captains being very secretive about their line ups…

12: 42 pm Send in your comments/rugby banter to [email protected] or post them online under the live article. All opinions welcome!

12: 10 pm Under 2 hours to go to kick off. The 10 year title defence could be over by 4. Get yourself down to jesus or follow the tab live online
about 7 hours ago via web

11: 35 am The tab is now live online and on twitter following jesus vs john’s, the biggest college rugby game of the year!


4:14 pm That’s if from the live update, a full match report, featuring videos, interviews and photos to follow. Thank you to all of you who followed the match here and on our Twitter feed. A wonderful contest, played in the right spirit, in which the better side (probably) just edged it.

A word for the victorious captain Jamie Miller, who was being carried to a car to take him to hospital when last seen. We hear it’s his knee, and it looked pretty horrible. Thoughts with him.

1:23 pm So, there you have the Jesus team (on the twitter feed), I’ll repeat it here (in numerical order) Taylor King Harding; Meads Viljoen; Miller (c) Greenfield Roope; Cross Tambara; Jones Gill Macklin Blucke; Rammage

A strong line up, lock Viljoen particularly a big asset compared to the team that beat John’s last term. We expect John’s to be strengthened from that match too though…

From here on in the updates will be moving  predominantly to the Twitter feed, but keep sending in your comments below!

1:09 pm BREAKING TEAM NEWS: Jesus make 2 changes to the side that started the last match against Queens. Full line up to be published on twitter feed.

1:07 pm The match begins within the hour now, I’m getting excited and I’m sure you are too. Both captains have thus far refused to reveal any team news to The Tab but as soon as we get it we will post it here!

12:50 pm Keep those comments coming in, here’s a sample of what you’ve been saying: BoredOfRugby posted on the preview piece that: “Jesus have become suitably unbearable enough to take over the mantle of twattish rugby team from Johns” while there is a general feeling that Miller, Jesus’ captain, has been a bit rash with his pre-match comments.

As for me, I think that while he’ll look pretty stupid after what he said if John’s win and score some tries, he’s probably just doing what he needs to to psyche himself up for his biggest game as captain.

12:15 pm We’re less than two hours from kick off now, I’d imagine the players would have had this game on their minds for some time, wonder how the nerves will be affecting them. So far no team news to speak of, but we have heared mutterings about whether John’s Blues players will be eligible. From what I understand anyone who was in the Blues squad but didn’t play at Twickenham will be available. That would mean at least three key Red Boys. Watch this space…

11:55 am It’s clouded over here, but don’t worry, our spirits won’t be dampened. Just a reminder of the league situation then, we have the table here, and as you can see, anything less than a win end’s John’s title defense. Realisticaly, even a win is almost certainly going to be in vain, but it would certainly take a bit of the gloss of Jesus’ season:

11:00 am As the more observant of you may have guessed we will be tweeting updates from pitchside from about 1pm on this very page. Before then you can add your 10 pence worth (well we are at Cambridge) below or by sending them in to [email protected]

Some themes to get you going: Jesus captain’s claim that he will “fuck them up”; John’s poor performance this term; possible appearence of Blues players…or anything else you want to share

10:35 am So, to business: Just in case you weren’t sure how MONUMENTALLY HUGE this game is in terms of college rugby, you can catch up with TabSport’s preview.

The weather here is about as clear and blue as you could imagine, which you would think would suit Jesus’ more expansive play, but showers are forecast for later.

10:30 am Welcome to The Tab‘s live coverage of this, the biggest college rugby match in years. There will be a live text feed during the match, as well as build up throughout the day. Feel free to comment below, with any predictions, observations or general banter…