Tab Cribs: Emma

Feel like your life is missing some cream-coloured class? In this week’s Cribs, Emma shows off her wares to the general public…prepare to be stunned.

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Have you ever heard the phrase, “Rowers’ have more fun”?

No, me neither.  But what they do have, if they are any good, are some particularly choicy room decorations.  Thought that blades were only good for chopping and cutting?  Think again.  As Tab Cribs hits Emma, you can see a shining example of how some lovely wooden oars can really liven up a boring, cream panelled wall.   Of course, the DJ decks don’t hurt either.  Or the extensive floorspace…

Room Stats:

2 Bedrooms

Lounge (complete with DJ decks, blades, sofas etc)

Kitchen (private)

How did you get this room?

A delicate balance of encouragement and intimidation.

Best feature of the room?

It’s great for private study and it’s close to the library.

What’s the most scandalous story that’s taken place in this room?

I think they had a party here last year.

What would you do for this room?

I would do a charity snorkel.

Rate your room out of 5?

3/5. This is some kind of hobbit house; the beds are tiny, so are the door frames and everything is sinking. There are no right angles in the whole room and a permanent draught. If we are lucky, we are treated to the melodies of Wetherspoons. Don’t hobbits wash? Where are the showers? And the toilets? They make us go round the corner where the freshers live and they don’t like me.

We feel your pain…