Amy Lambert

Tab Cribs: Peterhouse

Does John’s really have the monopoly on exquisite sets? This week its Peterhouse who is making a bid for the Cribs crown…

Tab Cribs: St John’s

There is only one word for this week’s featured set… Crib-tastic.

Tab Cribs: Emma

Feel like your life is missing some cream-coloured class? In this week’s Cribs, Emma shows off her wares to the general public…prepare to be stunned.

Tab Confessional: To Drink, or not to Drink?

Are Drinking Societies worth all the hype? Three anonymous Cantabs spill the beans in our Confessional…

Gothic Chic For Halloween

A bit of “Gothic Chic” can go a long way… Tab Fashion tried it out at The Union.

Tab Cribs: Catz

So you reckon you’ve seen everything Cambridge accommodation has to offer? Think again.

Tab Cribs: Trinity

Sick of your own modest dwellings? Discover how the other half live with the first in a series of Tab Cribs.

Tab Predictions: What Has The Future Got In Store For You?

Stuck in a post-bop haze? Unable to divine whether you’ll be attending a supervision on Monday or still chucking up? Check your horoscopes here.

The Tab Confessional

AMY LAMBERT interviews some anonymous Blues for the first in a series of Tab Confessionals…