Tab Cribs: Peterhouse

Does John’s really have the monopoly on exquisite sets? This week its Peterhouse who is making a bid for the Cribs crown…

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Peterhouse is one of the colleges that, to my eye, has long been hidden away.  With a tiny intake of students, one could be mistaken for thinking that maybe there was very little to see here.  Think again.

It appears that the oldest college in the university can more than play game with its younger siblings.  And, when you combine student numbers with excesses of fit rooms, the chances that you could have had a set this impressive are far increased… starting to regret your college choice yet?

Room Stats:

Lounge (complete with stained-glass windows, chandelier and extensive drinks cabinet)

2 Bedrooms (no sharing here thank you very much..)

Kitchen (private)

Photos by Eliska Haskovcova

How did you get the room?

Through mastering the strange workings of the Peterhouse room points system- presumably we should get some reward for our strenuous efforts at being big captains of multiple Peterhouse ”sports” teams and college societies.

What are the main perks of the room?

The location of the room- the bar is downstairs, and the only free pool table in the university is in the JCR opposite (although this isn’t very conducive to working hard).  The large drinks cabinet is handy to store our wine collection and there are sherry, port and whisky decanters- we’ve got through quite a lot of bottles already this term.  Also having a kitchen makes hosting four course dinner parties quite easy- particular with our large main room, which is big enough to rehearse a string quartet quite comfortably.

Has anything scandalous happened here to your knowledge?

Since this is Peterhouse, I imagine lots of symposia involving members of CUCA. Rumour has it that Michael Portillo had an interesting first experience here…  There’s also a cupboard in our kitchen which we can’t open but has air holes, which raises all sorts of worrying questions.

How far would you go to get this room?

Its not a question of ”would” (again, this is Peterhouse)!  Also, one of us has to live with a big, loud, smelly, hairy Bavarian.

How would you rate this room?

9 1/2 out of 10- it doesn’t have an en suite bathroom, and one stained-glass window is not enough.

Think you can do better?  Contact [email protected]  if you think your room deserves Cribs status…